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Peppers: Sweet Bell Hybrids: Green-Red

Peppers: Sweet Bell Hybrids: Green-Red  
Variety Days Flesh Shape Disease Features
Acapulco 68 Thick D TMV, PVY, TEV, BlsT A Vilmorin pepper suited for those tough conditions (short days, cold). Has a very vigorous plant, early, with very heavy thick walled fruit
Bell Boy 71 Thick E, 3-4 lobe TMV AAS winner. Large fruited fresh market or garden.
Bell Tower 73 Thick C, 3-4 lobe TMV, PVY High yielding, widely adapted hybrid that will perform well under cool conditions.
Bendigo 66 Thick C, 3-4 lobed TMV An early Enza pepper for the red pick market or processing
Big Bertha 70 Thick E, Elongated TMV Very large peppers. Market or home garden.
Bonita 77 Thick C, 4 lobed TMV, BIsT A new widely adapted Ferry hybrid with large slightly elongated fruit. Has a vigorous plant with excellent fruit cover. A consistant high yielder.
Brigadier 71 Thick B,Lg. Blocky Blsl,2,3 PVY A new large, blocky green to red with good disease resistance, medium plant height, and is widely adapted. Fruit will not cheese in cool weather. Deeper fruit than Sentry but not as deep as Commandant. A top performer in trials.
Camelot 75 Thick B, elongated TMV A main season hybrid with thick walled, very large fruits. 1 st set concentrated.
Commandant 80 Thick Dp Blocky,B TMV, PVY, PMV, Blsl,2.3 A New Rogers hybrid with excellent disease protection, plus fruit size that is comparable to Camelot. Will produce a lot of fruit in the premium price category.
Clovis 68 Thick A, Elongated TMV A popular elongated hybrid with thick walled fruit. Sets continuously.
Elisa 68 Thick A Elongated TMV, PVY One of the earliest of the blocky, elongated type from NK. Good choice for 1 st plantings.
Enterprise 71 Thick B Blsl,2,3,TMV,PVY' A New early mid-season disease resistant large blocky pepper hybrid from Asgrow that has shown excellent performance in field conditions. Vigorous plant.
Figaro 70 Thick C, Blocky TMV, PVY,TEV, Stip, Bls A new Vilmorin hybrid with a vigorous plant with smooth, well shaped, large-blocky fruit and continuous set. Requires less nitrogen than standard varieties.
Galaxy 76 Thick C, 4 lobed TMV, PVY Performs well, especially in cool areas. Sets fruit early. Blocky to semi-elongated.
Gator Belle 67 Medium C, 3-4 lobe TMV Highly productive fresh market pepper.
Guardian 74 Thick C, 4 lobed BIsj,2, PVY, TMV, TEV Another New Rogers pepper, continuous set, disease resistant.
Jingle Bells 60 Med-Thin 1 1/2" x 1, 1/2" Blocky TMV A miniature bell pepper with many uses. Bedding plant, container, home garden or miniature gourmet market. A sure winner.
King Arthur 68 Thick C, 3-4 lobe TMV, PVY, Bls, 2, TEV Sets well in heat. Large true blocky fruit. Very disease tolerant. Early main season.
Lantern 76 Thick B, 3-4 lobed TMVO,1,2 S A new medium maturity Enza hybrid with large thick walled fruit, a strong plant with good cover. Very productive.
Maestro 66 Thick D, 4 lobed TMV, PVY,S A large, Enza early bell with good disease protection on a short plant with few shoots and good fruit cover.
Maite 74 Thick D, 4 lobed TMV, PVY,S A large medium early blocky Enza hybrid with thick walls and superior fruit quality. Has a strong vigorous plant.
Merlin 68 Thick C, Elongated   Early main season blocky bell for N -Eastern U.S. Slightly later than Lady Bell. An early Bell Captain.
North Star 63 Thick E, 4 lobed TMV A New Asgrow dark green to yellow pepper that turns slowly to yellow. Has excellent disease resistance. Has shown excellent yields over an extended harvest season.
Palidin 75 Thick     Beautiful golden fruit. Harvest the crown set at green, let the remaining fruit go to gold.
Sentry 75 Thick Very Blocky   A new green to yellow, deep blocky hybrid from PETO. Smooth, main season, high yields and concentrated set.
Ranger 75 Thick D 4 lobed TMV Plants similar to Keystone Resistand Giant. Larg Fruit.


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