Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Pond Building

Although it may be tempting to spend a couple of sunny summer weekends building a pond in your garden, the best time to start your project is actually in late winter. As spring is approaching, your pond will settle and be colonised by wildlife much more quickly, meaning when summer comes around, it will be an area of your garden that’s ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.

Late February and March is the best time to start building your pond, as the winter is starting to thaw out and spring is just around the corner. It might be months away yet, but the earlier you start gathering information, buying materials and
planning your pond’s design, the sooner  you’ll be to get to work when late winter comes around. To give you a head start, we’ve put together a guide to preparing for the big build.

Picking a Practical Position

The first thing to decide is where you’re going to put your pond. No doubt you’ve already considered this in terms of where you think it would look best, but what about the practicalities? Not only does your pond need to fit in with your garden’s existing design, but it also needs to be positioned practically in order to allow wildlife to thrive.

Avoid building a pond under lots of trees. A lack of sunlight is never good if you want to encourage wildlife to settle in and around your pond, and falling leaves in the autumn will make maintenance work even more difficult. Instead, if possible, position your pond in the sunniest area of your garden, but try to ensure the surface is around 1/3 in dappled shade.

Gathering Supplies

If you start picking up bits and pieces for your project now, it won’t feel as much of a financial burden as it would if you bought everything at once. Essentials are, of course, underlay and liner from somewhere like
All Pond, but you could also start hunting for decorations and ornaments to place around the edges too. You might even be able to bag yourself a bargain at this time of year as not many people will be buying pond-building materials.

Deciding on a Design

If you start planning your pond’s design in advance, by the time late winter comes around you’ll be ready to get straight to work. Depending on your budget, you could call in a landscaper to draw up a few designs for you, but before you get to that stage, you need to start gathering some inspiration. Try browsing the
gardening section on Pinterest for ideas, and create an account so you can ‘pin’ your favourites to your virtual pin-board and come back to review them when you call in a designer.
Building up to a late winter pond project is the best way to ensure you end up with a thriving new garden feature when spring rolls around. So, the sooner you get started implementing these tips, the less stressful the whole experience will be.


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