Compost Feeding Your Pumpkin (supplement) - by George Brooks

(Note: Click on the small images to view a 400x296 image)

* First Stage of Pumpkin Mound building, broad tapered sides are formed to capture the Spring sunshine.

* Next, an area in the middle is hollowed out and a heating cable, (optional), is laid in the bottom. It is then covered up with about 3 or 4 inches of soil, leaving about 4 inches to the top of the mound.

* This is another view of the mound showing you the cable and a size comparison to a 5 year old. The mound can be larger but I would not recommend you make it any smaller.

* After the mound is complete a glass cover is put on top and the sides are lined with porous plastic for additional heat generation. Hold the plastic down with wire bent into a "U" shape and bricks or rocks.

* The voids resulting from the mounding can be filled with Compost to feed the Pumpkins throughout the season with a steady flow of nutrients. See Compost Feeding Your Giant Pumpkins article for more information.

* As the Pumpkins grow raise the window up with boards but make sure you weight them down..

* Frost protection: covering with blankets will protect them down into the lower teens.

* As the Pumpkin out grows the first stage of the mound, it can be replaced with a Window Wall. Keep this up as long as you can until it is just too small for the plant.

* Even at the Window Wall stage frost protection can be provided by putting supports across the top, then covering with blankets.

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