The Pumpkin King - by Al Kingsbury
Howard Dill and the Atlantic Giant

Howard poses with Joshua Dill
(Front cover photo by Shirley Spencer)

Kristin brings a jack-o'-lantern to life
(Back cover photo by Michael Melford)

(Text from the Back Cover) Once upon a time, giant pumpkins existed only in story books or in the tall tales of legends. Then came along Howard Dill. This Nova Scotia farmer inherited his father's passion for growing big pumpkins and bred his own "Atlantic Giant" seeds which have produced world-record pumpkins growing more than 800 pounds.

Laced with pictures collected over more than a decade, The Pumpkin King traces Dill's exploits from the quiet of his own pumpkin patch to the glory of international competition. It also reveals the astute development of a thriving seed business. Along the way, relevant facts are given about this increasingly popular product of autumn. The book includes tips on how to grow the big ones, statisitics on world-record weights, and takes readers through the excitement of a local pumpkin weigh-off day.

"Howard Dill is singularly the most important person is the world of championship pumpkin growing... he is the Babe Ruth of pumpkin growers, the Sultan of Squash, the King of Cucurbits. We crown him the Reigning Monarch of Landwhalers: Moby Dill."

- Peter and Nancy Rigoloso

Available for $12.95 from:

Atlantic Giant Book Distributing
83 Apple Tree Lane
Kentville, NS B4N 5C1

Also available from:

Howard Dill's Pumpkin Website

ISBN 0-88999-516-8
Published 1992
Fifth printing 1996
Lancelot Press Limited, Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

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