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The Nut Tree California Pumpkin Weigh-Off

Sorry No Pictures.... all lost

Dr. Pumpkinstein, AKA Rick Dickow, checking the heart rate of his 623 pounder.

Rick decides his pumpkin is a little thirsty and lightly
sprinkles him with a refreshing quench of Crystal Geyser.

Over stimulated, Rick's pumpkin suddenly grows a strange
looking member. Seconds before scale time Rick is saved
from disqualification when the odd looking thing fell off!

(Editors note: The Dr. must have been screwing off in anatomy class
and not paid any attention. Everyone knows all pumpkins are females.)

Forklift arrives with Pete Glasiers 784 pounder.

Lifting Pete's 784 pounder.

Scott Solomon's 751 pounder.

Top three Nut Tree winners left to right: Pete Glasier, Scott Solomon, Howard Shelley.

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Date: Sat Nov 09 1996 20:27:55 +0000

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