Windsor Pumpkin Festival - News Release - October 15, 1996

Fenton McInnis, of Hubbards, N.S., set a new Atlantic Canada
record of 810 pounds at the 1996 Windsor Pumpkin Festival

New Atlantic Canada Record Set at Windsor Pumpkin Festival

Fenton McInnis, a retired seaman from Hubbards, N.S., set a new Atlantic Canada record, and took top prize at the 12th annual Windsor Pumpkin Festival weighoff with his pumpkin that weighed 810 pounds.

David Hebb, of Bridgewater, N.S., placed second at 756, and Pumpkin King Howard Dill, of Windsor, N.S., was back on the podium in third place, with his effort of 715 pounds. In the squash category, the top three entries came from Bridgewater. First was Ralph Getson, at 610 pounds; followed by Donna Hebb, 597; and Ben Hebb, 562.

The Johnstone family of Kentville, N.S., led the watermelon class, with Lewis placing first at 74 pounds, and Treca second, with 60. David and Will Neily of Middleton, N.S., took third place with their entry of 50 pounds.

Fenton McInnis also found time to tend field pumpkins this year, and brought in the prizewinner at 75 pounds. The Dills came next, with Danny and Howard tying at 63 pounds. McInnis has been growing pumpkins for 15 years, but this was the first time he felt he had one big enough to enter.

His growing secret includes using a mixture of manure, seaweed and fish bone meal, among other things, for fertilizer.

The Windsor festival attracted 45 pumpkin entries this year, weighing a total of 20,539 pounds, making an average of 456.4 pounds.

The 15 squash entries totalled 6,434 pounds, for an average of 428.9.

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