Zea mays ( Hooker’s Sweet Indian Corn )

‘Hooker’s Sweet Indian’ is generally ready for harvest within 80 days. First obtained in Olympia, WA, these 4.5 foot stalks produce 2 or 3 5 to 7 inch ears. Kernels are blue-black upon maturity, good for cornmeal. Originally domesticated by Mesoamericans, it is a staple food with many other traditional uses. Home gardeners love to grow corn, and there are many varieties suited to different climates. Plant seeds 1 inch deep in rows or clumps, two weeks after the last frost date. Corn needs rich soil, full sun and adequate moisture to produce good ears. It is wind pollinated, so if you want to save seed, you will need to either stagger the planting time of different varieties, or plant them 1/4 mile apart. Water deeply.