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Allium cepa


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Allium cepa 'Yellow Sweet Spanish'

Sand Hill Preservation Center Seeds-Garden

Steele Plant Company. LLC Vegetables

Tomato Bob Seeds-Garden

Twilley, Otis S., Seed Co., Inc. Herbs

Vermont Bean Seed Co. Seeds-Garden

Willhite Seed Inc. Seeds-Garden

Allium cepa 'Yellow of Parma'

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Seeds-Garden

Seed Savers Exchange Herbs

Allium cepa 'aggregatum 'Bonilla''

Johnny's Selected Seeds Herbs

Pinetree Garden Seeds Bulbs

Allium cepa 'aggregatum 'Dutch Red''

Potato Garden Milk Ranch Specialty Potatoes Seeds-Garden

Ronniger Potato Farm LLC Vegetables

Allium cepa 'aggregatum 'Grey''

Big Creek Ginseng & Garlic Farm Herbs

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds Herbs

Tesch Specialties Seeds-Garden

Allium cepa 'aggregatum 'Odetta's White''

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Seeds-Garden

Allium cepa 'aggregatum 'Old German''

Potato Garden Milk Ranch Specialty Potatoes Seeds-Garden

Ronniger Potato Farm LLC Vegetables

Allium cepa 'aggregatum 'Picador''

Nichols Garden Nursery Herbs

Allium cepa Aggregatum Group

Laurel Farm Herbs Herbs esp. rosemary, thyme, mint & sage.

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery Over 400 popular, unusual & rare herbs esp. medicinal. Also seeds.

Allium cepa Piroska

Gourmet Seed, International Seeds-Garden

Allium cepa Proliferum Group

Arne Herbs Herbs, some very rare. North American, Mediterranean & UK wild flowers. Also plants for reseach, conservation projects & historical recreations.

Barwinnock Herbs Culinary, medicinal, fragrant-leaved plants & wildflowers organically grown.

Birchfield Nursery Very wide general range of plants incl. many unusual & new varieties, plus fruit, young veg. plants & seasonal bedding. Some plants (esp. Canna) available in small quantities only.

Choice Landscapes Dwarf conifers, alpines, acers, rhododendrons, bulbs, pines, lilies & South African bulbs & seed.

Edulis Unusual edibles, architectural plants, permaculture plants.

Green Garden Herbs Herbs, aromatic, culinary, medicinal & ornamental, incl. Salvia, Echinacea, Monarda, Thymus & wide selection of Lavandula. Plants & seed available.

Gwynfor Growers Classic & contemporary plants to intrigue & delight plantsmen & garden designers alike. Heritage Welsh fruit trees. Some plants available in small quantities only.

Iden Croft Herbs Herbs, aromatic & wildflower plants & plants for bees & butterflies. Nat. Collections of Mentha, Nepeta & Origanum.

Jekka's Herb Farm Culinary, medicinal, aromatic, decorative herbs. Soil Association licensed herb farm.

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