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Amelanchier alnifolia


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Sunmark Seeds International, Inc. Herbs

Uxbridge Nurseries Limited Evergreens

Wind River Seed Prairie Plants

Wyatts Many unusual, rare & exotic plants, shrubs & trees incl. Daphne, Euonymus, Viburnum, Magnolia, Clematis, Cornus & Acer. Alpines, fruit trees & cane fruit. Large trees & shrubs. English grownBuxus.

Amelanchier alnifolia pumila

Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery Bulbs

Amelanchier alnifolia utahensis

Lawyer Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Amelanchier alnifolia var. pumila

Hopleys Plants Ltd Wide range of hardy & half-hardy shrubs & perennials.

P M A Plant Specialities Choice & unusual shrubs incl. grafted Acer palmatum, Cornus, Magnolia & a wide range of Daphne. Small quantities of some hard to propagate plants, esp. daphnes. Reserve orders accepted. Planted areas showing how the plants look growing in "real

Tinpenny Plants Wide range of hardy garden-worthy plants esp. Helleborus, Iris & Sempervivum. Small nursery will propagate to order rare plants from own stock. Small quantities only of some plants.

Amelanchier alnifolia var. semi-integrifolia

Larch Cottage Nurseries Comprehensive plant collection in unique garden setting. Rare & unusual plants; particularly shrubs, trees, perennials, dwarf conifers & Japanese maples. Acer, Hamamelis, Magnolia & Cornus kousa cvs. Old-fashioned roses, bamboo & alpines.

Amelanchier alnifolia 'Regent'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

Regent Saskatoon Serviceberry, amelanchier alnifolia 'Regent', is a multi-stemmed shrub that displays multitudes of white flowers in spring and produces small black-purple fruits that are sweet; excellent for fresh eating or making jelly. Birds love

Big Dipper Farm Growers of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs, ferns and herbs. Research over 3,000 plants on our website. (1 product)

Known by many names: Shadbush, June Berry, Saskatoon Serviceberry, Western Serviceberry. Also spelled: Amelancier. A very slow-growing, deciduous shrub to 10 feet with edible blue berries that taste like blueberries. A good wildlife plant and an

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