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Anthemis tinctoria


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Wolverton Plants Ltd Wide range of herbaceous perennials & shrubs grown on a commercial scale for the public.

Anthemis tinctoria dwarf

Beeches Nursery Herbaceous specialists & extensive range of other garden plants. Rarieties available in ltd. numbers only.

Blacksmiths Cottage Nursery Over 2000 species grown. Large selection of shade plants esp. Anemone nemorosa & Poygonatum, also large collection of Geranium, Astrantia & Sanguisorba.

Farmyard Nurseries Excellent general range esp. Helleborus, Hosta, Tricyrtis & Schizostylis, plus shrubs, trees, climbers, alpines & esp. herbaceous. Nat. Collection of Tricyrtis.

Anthemis tinctoria subsp. tinctoria

Merriments Gardens Extensive range of unusual perennials, tender perennials, grasses & annuals. Also large selection of roses & seasonal shrubs. 4-acre show garden.

Anthemis tinctoria 'Charme'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

The Dwarf Golden Marquerite, 'Anthemis tinctoria 'Charme', has daisy-like, 1"" bright yellow flowers. The feathery, fragrant foliage forms a tight, symmetrical mound that will add to any landscape. Anthemis 'Charme' has a plant height of 12-16"" and

Anthemis tinctoria 'E.C. Buxton'

Spring Hill Nursery Perennials (1 product)

These lemon yellow 2" flowers with gold centers soar to 24-36" over aromatic, fernlike leaves. Golden marguerites bloom from early summer to fall and are heat-tolerant. Space 18-24" apart.

Anthemis tinctoria 'Kelwayi'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

The Golden Marquerite, 'Anthemis tinctoria 'Kelwayi', has daisy-like, 2-3"" sunny yellow flowers. Sometimes the flowers will appear apricot or darker yellow. The feathery, fragrant foliage forms a tight, symmetrical mound that will add to any

Anthemis tinctoria 'Susanna Mitchell'

High Country Gardens Drought Tolerant Plants, Xeriscape Perennials (1 product)

‘Susanna’ lights up the garden with a non-stop display of creamy-white daisies most of the summer. A vigorous, easily grown plant, it has finely textured foliage and lax, mounding stems. Best grown in infertile, well-drained soil without

Anthemis tinctoria seeds: Kelwayi

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Large single bright lemon blooms, attractive grey-green foliage. Invaluable for borders and cut flowers.

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