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Apium graveolens


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Apium graveolens (c) 'Utah Tall'

Abundant Life Seeds Herbs

Glacial Ridge Growers Prairie Plants

High Mowing Seeds Herbs

Landreth, D., Seed Co. Herbs

Rupp Seeds, Inc. Herbs

Apium graveolens (c) 'Ventura'

Johnny's Selected Seeds Herbs

Stokes Seeds Inc. Herbs

Apium graveolens (c) 'Verde a Costa Piena Gigante'

Gourmet Seed, International Seeds-Garden

Apium graveolens (c) 'White Queen'

Kitazawa Seed Co. Seeds-Garden

Apium graveolens (c) 'Zwolsche Krul'

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Seeds-Garden

Jung, J. W., Seed Co. Bulbs

Richters Herbs

Vermont Bean Seed Co. Seeds-Garden

Arne Herbs Herbs, some very rare. North American, Mediterranean & UK wild flowers. Also plants for reseach, conservation projects & historical recreations.

Beggar's Roost Plants Garden-worthy bulbs & herbaceous, incl. heritage Hemerocallis, hardy Nerine, West Country Galanthus, hardy Fuchsia, winter interest plants. Small quantities.

Birchfield Nursery Very wide general range of plants incl. many unusual & new varieties, plus fruit, young veg. plants & seasonal bedding. Some plants (esp. Canna) available in small quantities only.

British Wild Flower Plants Native wild flowers. 400 species. Quantities vary from 1 to 50,000.

Crimson Sage Nursery Herbs

Iden Croft Herbs Herbs, aromatic & wildflower plants & plants for bees & butterflies. Nat. Collections of Mentha, Nepeta & Origanum.

Jekka's Herb Farm Culinary, medicinal, aromatic, decorative herbs. Soil Association licensed herb farm.

Laurel Farm Herbs Herbs esp. rosemary, thyme, mint & sage.

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm Herbs

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery Over 400 popular, unusual & rare herbs esp. medicinal. Also seeds. Wide range of unusual & easy herbaceous perennials, esp. of South African origin. Ferns & grasses. Less common herbs.

The Herb Nursery Herbs, wild flowers, cottage garden plants, scented-leaf pelargoniums. Esp. Thymus, Mentha, Lavandula.

The National Herb Centre Herbs, culinary & medicinal. Extensive selection of rosemary, thyme & lavender, in particular.

Apium graveolens secalinum

Pinetree Garden Seeds Bulbs

Richters Herbs

Underwood Gardens/Terrior Seeds, LLC Fruit-Trees

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

The Celery Chinese Kin-Tsai (Qin cai, Kun choi), 'Apium graveolens', is one of the most widely grown vegetables in China. The leaves have a strong celery flavor that is essential for Chinese cuisine. In China, Chinese Celery is an ancient vegetable.

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