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Cabbage seeds

Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Cabbage seeds - 'Copenhagen Market Early'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

This early Cabbage variety holds up longer without splitting than any other variety! Great size, great flavor, and great for the home garden! Matures in 65 days.

Cabbage seeds - 'Danish Ballhead'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Danish Ballhead cabbage produces solid, round heads great for fresh or cooked eating. Excellent for winter storage! Heads reach about 5 lbs. and mature in about 100 days.

Cabbage seeds - 'Early Jersey Wakefield'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Early Jersey Wakefield is an early variety of cabbage with pointed heads that resist splitting! Popular for excellent flavor, this is a great heirloom Cabbage for the home vegetable garden! Approximately 60 days to maturity. Heads average 2-3 lbs.

Cabbage seeds - 'Early Round Dutch'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Early Round Dutch cabbage produces 4 to 5 pound heads with good wrapper leaves. Nice and early, slow to bolt and full of great flavor! Dark blue-green leaves. Averages 70 days to maturity.

Cabbage seeds - 'Golden Acre'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Heads of Golden Acre cabbage are firm, round, and medium green with white centers. Fast growing Cabbage variety that gives you heads that average 3 lbs. Versatile, and excellent fresh or cooked! Matures in about 65 days. Yellows resistant.

Cabbage seeds - 'Red Acre'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

This bright reddish/purple cabbage with add vivid color to both your garden and your table! Crisp, tender heads reach 6-7 in diameter and are have good resistance to splitting! Red Acre cabbage stores exceptionally well for an early cabbage.

Cabbage seeds - 'Stonehead'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Stonehead cabbage lives up to its name with its solid 4 to 6 pound heads! The harvest of this hybrid can be delayed, as it is resistant to splitting. Compact plants can be planted close together to save space in your garden!

Cabbage seeds : Kalibos

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

An old Eastern European heirloom producing unique, red pointed hearts. Best grown for late summer and autumn use when firm, solid hearts have few waste outer leaves. Ideal shredded raw in salads as the colour reduces on cooking.

Cabbage seeds : Savoy (Spring) : Savoy King F1

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Outpaces and out yields all other Savoys. This Cabbage seeds can produce a crop almost every season of the year, so you don't need to wait for winter to experience that delicious Savoy flavour.

Cabbage seeds : Walking Stick

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

A peculiar vegetable for the garden, the stout stems which carry a crown of 'greens' can be used to make walking sticks. Plants reach up to 2. 1m (7ft) from an early spring sowing, and up to 3m (10ft) in the second year! A real talking point.

Cabbage seeds : Winter : Tundra F1

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Solid, sweet, crisp heads, ideal for winter salads. High yielding and very hardy and can be picked right through winter. Considered in trials to be the outstanding variety of the decade.