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Calibrachoa superbells


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Calibrachoa superbells Series

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Magic Garden Bedding Plants

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Calibrachoa superbells 'Apricot Punch'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

Calibrachoa Superbells Apricot Punch, Calibrachoa 'Superbells® Apricot Punch PPAF', produces abundant, small petunia-like flowers that provide all season color on cascading growth. This vigorous fast growing plant produces hundreds of vividly

Calibrachoa superbells 'Tequila Sunrise'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

Calibrachoa Superbells Tequila Sunrise, Calibrachoa 'Tequila Sunrise' PPAF, is a Proven Winner® plant, has undergone rigorous testing to be sure that it will perform in the garden under a variety of conditions. It has orange blooms with splashes of

Calibrachoa superbells 'Tickled Pink'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

Calibrachoa Superbells Tickled Pink, Calibrachoa Superbells 'Tickled PInk' PPAF, produces a mounding mass of bright pink-purple blooms in a semi-upright habit. It is a great new shade of pink. The deep magenta center that fades out to a light pink

Calibrachoa superbells 'Trailing Lilac Mist'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

Calibrachoa Superbells Trailing Lilac Mist, Calibrachoa Superbells® Trailing Lilac Mist, produces abundant small petunia-like flowers with deep lilac centers that fade out to light lavender edges. The cascading foliage is great for hanging baskets

Calibrachoa superbells 'Yellow Chiffon'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

Calibrachoa Superbells Yellow Chiffon, Calibrachoa 'Million Bells® Yellow Chiffon' PPAF, has abundant, small petunia-like flowers that bloom all season on cascading growth. Calibrachoas are a great low maintenance plant. Superbells® has a