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Callicarpa americana


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Callicarpa americana 'Bok Tower'

Woodlanders, Inc. Bamboo

Callicarpa americana 'Lactea'

Dodd, Tom, Nurseries, Inc. Ferns

Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc. Shrubs

Hudson, J. L., Seedsman Herbs

Niche Gardens Ferns

Callicarpa americana 'Welch's Pink'

Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc. Shrubs

RareFind Nursery Inc. Rhododendron

Woodlanders, Inc. Bamboo

Carolina Nurseries Evergreens

Easyliving Wildflowers Wildflowers

Exclusive Plants (incorporating Pine Lodge Gardens & Nursery) Rare & unusual shrubs & herbaceous, some from seed collected on plant expeditions each year. Nat. Collection of Grevillea.

Greene Hill Nursery Shrubs

Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc. Shrubs

Hamilton Native Outpost Wildflowers

Hudson, J. L., Seedsman Herbs

Inter-State Nurseries Fruit-Small

Keeling, Forrest, Nursery Evergreens

Larch Cottage Nurseries Comprehensive plant collection in unique garden setting. Rare & unusual plants; particularly shrubs, trees, perennials, dwarf conifers & Japanese maples. Acer, Hamamelis, Magnolia & Cornus kousa cvs. Old-fashioned roses, bamboo & alpines.

Lawyer Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Lazy S'S Farm Nursery Perennials

Meadowbrook Nursery/ We-Du Natives Prairie Plants

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery Grasses-Ornamental

Native American Seed Prairie Plants

Niche Gardens Ferns

Pender Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Schumacher, F. W., Co., Inc. Seeds-Woody Plants

Shadow Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Woodlanders, Inc. Bamboo

Callicarpa americana var. lactea

Mallet Court Nursery Maples, oaks, Magnolia, hollies & other rare and unusual plants including those from China & South Korea.

Big Dipper Farm Growers of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs, ferns and herbs. Research over 3,000 plants on our website. (1 product)

The REAL mosquito plant? Univ of Miss scientists isolated compounds in the American beautyberry that actually repel insects! A deciduous shrub with an arching habit. Showy fuchsia-colored fruits and a lovely scent to stems and leaves. A wonderful