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Geranium seeds


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Geranium seeds : Pelargonium : Black Velvet Series F1

Thompson & Morgan Herbs

A breeding breakthrough! 4 colours all with unique black foliage, with just a hint of green around the edges. Create interesting patio containers and bedding displays with this spectacular foliage color, enhanced by the contrasting appleblossom,

Geranium seeds : Pelargonium : Horizon Coral Spice

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Horizon Coral Spice is a gorgeous warm colored geranium. Large, well rounded, bright coral flower heads above lightly zoned foliage. With vigorous performance, it will flower nonstop until first frosts.

Geranium seeds : Pelargonium : Moulin Rouge F1

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Found to be the most outstanding bedding Geranium in T&M's trials. So vigorous, the plants are smothered in large scarlet blooms throughout the season. Sure to give a glorious display. Ideal for bedding or containers.

Geranium seeds : Pelargonium : Speckles Mixed F2

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

A striking mixture of breakthrough Geraniums, which feature speckled shades of red and pink splashed over large blooms. Robust and uniform, the Speckles selection looks particularly impressive in containers.

Geranium seeds : Pelargonium : Vogue Appleblossom F1

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Gorgeous fashionable color. Uniform plants have large, rounded flower heads, produced early in the season and continue right up to severe frosts.