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Iris virginica


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Iris virginica shrevei

Agrecol Prairie Plants

Chapman, Chuck, Iris Iris

Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. Prairie Plants

Ernst Conservation Seeds Prairie Plants

Feder's Prairie Seed Co. Prairie Plants

Forestfarm Bamboo

Glacial Ridge Growers Prairie Plants

Goodness Grows, Inc. Perennials

Ion Exchange-Native Seed Prairie Plants

Johnson's Nursery Inc. Evergreens

Midwest Groundcovers LLC Clematis

Morning Sky Greenery Grasses-Ornamental

Natural Garden, Inc. Perennials

Nicholls Gardens Daylilies

Prairie Moon Nursery Cactus & Succulents

Prairie Nursery Grasses-Ornamental

Prairie Nursery , Inc / American Natives Prairie Plants

Spence Restoration Nursery Ground Covers

Twixwood Nursery LLC Ground Covers

Iris virginica tetraploid

Sunshine Farm and Gardens Perennials

Iris virginica var. shrevei

Rowden Gardens Aquatics, damp loving & associated plants incl. rare & unusual varieties. Nat. Collections of Caltha & Water Iris. Some stock available in small quantities only.

Viv Marsh Postal Plants Specialists in Alstroemeria, Iris & Lathyrus.

Iris virginica shrevei (Southern Blue Flag Iris) Wildflower Seeds

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

This two foot tall perennial wildflower is really lovely, with yellow crested violet petals. It is a fragrant iris, that attracts butterflies as well! It likes constant moisture, making it the perfect choice for a water garden.

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