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Juglans regia


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Juglans regia (F)

Rare and Exotic Plants (formerly Plants for All Reasons) Acacia, Agave , Bamboo, Citrus, Cordyline, Dicksonia, Phormium, Pittosporum, palms, olives, Yucca , topiary & specimens.

Reads Nursery Fruit trees, conservatory plants. Nat. Collections. of Citrus, figs, Vitis.

St Bridget Nurseries Ltd Large general nursery, with two garden centres.

Swallows Nursery Growing a wide range, particularly shrubs, trees, roses and heathers.

The National Herb Centre Herbs, culinary & medicinal. Extensive selection of rosemary, thyme & lavender, in particular.

The Place for Plants Wide range of specialist & popular plants. Nat. Collection of Deciduous Euonymus. 20 acre mature garden with free access to RHS members during season.

The Really Wild Nursery Wildflowers, bulbs & seeds.

Thornhayes Nursery A broad range of forms of ornamental, amenity & fruit trees incl. West Country apple varieties.

Triscombe Nurseries Trees, shrubs, roses, fruit, Clematis, herbaceous & rock plants.

Walnut Tree Garden Nursery

Waterperry Gardens Ltd General, large range of herbaceous esp. Aster, also Nat. Collection of Saxifraga (subsect. Kabschia & Engleria).

Weasdale Nurseries Ltd. Hardy forest trees, hedging, broadleaved & conifers. Specimen trees & shrubs grown at 850 feet (260 metre) elevation.

Wibble Farm Nurseries Growers of a wide range of hardy plants, many rare & unusual. Display gardens.

Boyer Nurseries & Orchards, Inc. Fruit-Small

Juglans regia Broadview

Orange Pippin Trees UK The fruit tree specialists.

Broadview is the best Walnut variety for the UK climate.

Juglans regia Buccaneer

Orange Pippin Trees UK The fruit tree specialists.

Another good Walnut variety for the UK climate.

Burnt Ridge Nursery, Inc. Fruit-Small

Carlton Plants LLC Fruit-Trees

Farmer Seed & Nursery Fruit-Small

Juglans regia Fernette

Orange Pippin Trees UK The fruit tree specialists.

A modern French Walnut variety with high-quality nuts.

Fourth Corner Nurseries Shrubs

Juglans regia Franquette

Orange Pippin Trees UK The fruit tree specialists.

Franquette is a late-season thin-shelled Walnut.

Klyn Nurseries, Inc. Bamboo

Juglans regia Lara

Orange Pippin Trees UK The fruit tree specialists.

An early-ripening French Walnut variety.

Oikos Tree Crops Evergreens

Rhora's Nut Farm and Nursery Nut Trees

Schumacher, F. W., Co., Inc. Seeds-Woody Plants

Juglans regia Stark Champion

Stark Bro's Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vans Pines Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Woodstock Nursery Evergreens

Juglans regia number 16 (F)

Agroforestry Research Trust Top & soft fruit, nut trees including Castanea, Corylus, Juglans, Pinus. Also seeds. Some plants in small quantities only.

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