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Lettuce - Red Leaf

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

Large open heads of gorgeous dark red ruffled lettuce. Beautiful in salads and sweet flavored. Tolerates light frosts without a problem. Easy to grow 2-3 plants in each pot. Note-This plant is not available after May 3rd

Lettuce - Romaine

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

An open-hearted French Romaine type lettuce that is very well suited to warm growing conditions. Tolerates light frosts without a problem. 2-3 plants in each pot.Note-This plant is not available after May 3rd

Lettuce - Rouge d'Hiver

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

This French heirloom variety, Rouge DíHiver has been recently resurrected. Romaine type leaves are tinted with medium-red color. Good taste, beautiful and very easy to grow. 2-3 plants in each pot.

Lettuce seeds: Butterhead : Fatima (Organic)

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

A voluminous butterhead with an appealing mid green color. Slow to bolt, standing longer than most varieties, makes it ideal for successional sowing, March- August. A good resistance to tipburn, Bremia NL1-16, and Lettuce Mosaic virus tolerant, all

Lettuce seeds: Lattuga Misticanza

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

A delicious blend of lettuce which from regular sowings tasty salad leaves all the year round. This is a well-balanced mixture of young, fresh and tender leaves of chicory, lettuce, and endives. It will provide a continuous harvest of salad leaves