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Nigella damascena


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Thyme Garden Herbs

Underwood Gardens/Terrior Seeds, LLC Fruit-Trees

Well-Sweep Herb Farm Herbs

Nigella damascena 'Moody Blues'

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

An exquisite mixture of love-in-a-mist, bringing together some spectacular double blooms in a delightful blend of blue shades followed by intriguing seedpods. Easy to grow, ideal for creating a soothing drift of color in borders as well as making a

Nigella damascena (Love-in-a-Mist) Wildflower Seeds

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Love-in-a-Mist is a wonderful name for this unique wildflower! The dainty flower is surrounded by a ring of lacy bracts, and the foliage is fine and lacy as well! At times the seeds of Love-in-a-mist have been used as a food flavoring! A wonderful

Green Thumbs Galore LLC Perennials and Suntropical Plants (1 product)

The lacy, fern-like foliage gives the plant an airy feel and is topped with flowers in watercolor shades of blue, white, rose, red and violet.

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Alba Love-in-a-Mist

Annie's Annuals and Perennials Rare, Unusual & Heirloom Plants (1 product)

Nigella damascena Mrs. Jekyll Dark Blue Love-in-a-Mist

Annie's Annuals and Perennials Rare, Unusual & Heirloom Plants (1 product)

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

The Love-In-A-Mist Miss Jekyll Blend, 'Nigella damascena', has delightful papery-textured flowers with thread-like foliage. Love-In-A-Mist is a quick blooming, cool season plant with flowers that look great in the garden, and as cut flowers. The

Nigella damascena seeds: Miss Jekyll

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Beautiful and easy to grow, bearing rich blue flowers which seem to float among the finely cut leaves. They provide a charming show of bloom during the summer months. Very useful for bedding and cutting and the seed pods can be dried for winter

Nigella damascena seeds: Mulberry Rose

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

This gorgeous mixture of Love-in-a-Mist has spectacular double blooms in a delightful blend of rose, pink and white bicolor shades followed by intriguing seed pods. Nigella Mulberry Rose is eye-catching sown as drifts in borders, or used as a cut

Nigella damascena seeds: Oxford Blue

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Tall with large extra double flowers followed by dark seed pods.

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