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Parsley seeds


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Parsley seeds : Plain Leaved

Thompson & Morgan Herbs

(Sheeps or French Parsley) The true variety, absolutely unsurpassed for flavor. Use it as a companion plant. It's said to improve the health and vigor of roses and tomatoes when grown next to them.

Parsley seeds - 'Hamburg Rooted'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Hamburg Rooted parsley has a slightly different use than other parsley varieties! This old fashioned heirloom variety produces fleshy parsnip-like roots up to 10 inches long that are cooked as a vegetable! Dark green leaves may be used like ordinary

Parsley seeds - 'Italian Giant'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Italian Giant has strong parsley flavor more pungent than curled types! Plants grow 2-3' tall. Perfect for use in salads, soups, etc., and preferred for most Italian dishes. Attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.

Parsley seeds - 'Plain/Single'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

Also known as Single Leaf or Flat Leaf this variety is similar to Italian Giant with slightly less uniformity and less cold tolerance. Flavor is richer than curled varieties! Plants is attractive to insects, butterflies, and/or birds. Ready for

Parsley seeds - 'Triple Curled'

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

This is a fast growing plant with closely curled dark-green leaves. Great for use as a garnish, Triple Curled parsley has a pleasant flavor with a milder pungency than Italian Giant. Good uniform strain. 75 days to maturity.

Parsley seeds : Rosette

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

A new introduction of triple curled parsley, which gives a much tighter curl on neat, compact and very attractive plants. Extremely useful for the kitchen and a glorious garnish. Stands well and holds its colour over a long period. Can be grown all