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Penstemon davidsonii


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Penstemon davidsonii 'Microphyllus'

Laporte Avenue Nursery Rock Garden Plants

Alplains Rock Garden Plants

Choice Landscapes Dwarf conifers, alpines, acers, rhododendrons, bulbs, pines, lilies & South African bulbs & seed.

Chris Pattison Choice rare shrubs & alpines. Grafted stock esp. Japanese maples & liquidambars. Wide range of Viburnum & dwarf/miniature trees & shrubs.

Farmyard Nurseries Excellent general range esp. Helleborus, Hosta, Tricyrtis & Schizostylis, plus shrubs, trees, climbers, alpines & esp. herbaceous. Nat. Collection of Tricyrtis.

Fraser's Thimble Farms Ferns

Inside Passage Seeds-Garden

Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. Evergreens

Linnaea Nurseries Ltd. Evergreens

Mendle Nursery Many unusual alpines esp. Saxifraga & Sempervivum.

Sunmark Seeds International, Inc. Herbs

Well-Sweep Herb Farm Herbs

Wild Ginger Farm Growers of Alpine & Rock Garden Plants, select Western Natives and exotic Woodland Plants. Retail nursery and online catalog. US sales only.

Penstemon davidsonii davidsonii

Laporte Avenue Nursery Rock Garden Plants

Penstemon davidsonii menziesii

Alplains Rock Garden Plants

Evermay Nursery Perennials

Penstemon davidsonii praeteritus

Alplains Rock Garden Plants

Penstemon davidsonii var. davidsonii

Kevock Garden Plants Chinese & Himalayan plants. Androsace, Daphne, Paeonia, Primula, Meconopsis, Iris, woodland plants, alpines, rock, marginal, bog.

Penstemon davidsonii var. menziesii 'Microphyllus'

Hartside Nursery Garden Alpines grown at altitude of 1100 feet in Pennines. Primula, ferns, Gentian & Meconopsis.

Little Heath Farm (UK) (formerly Two Jays Alpines) Large range of alpines, herbaceous, shrubs, many available in small quantities only.

Penstemon davidsonii v. menziesii 'Microphyllus'

High Country Gardens Drought Tolerant Plants, Xeriscape Perennials (1 product)

This rarely available cultivar will be the star of your xeriscape or rockery with its late spring display of huge 1” long bluish-violet flowers. ‘Microphyllus’ has small, round evergreen leaves tightly arranged on trailing stems