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Potatoes - Colorado Rose

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

A large, uniform tuber, with snow white flesh and deep red skin, is good boiled, steamed, or mashed. Producing excellent yields, it can be grown almost anywhere. (90 days) Order is for approx. 1 lb. seed potatoes. Available to ship at the

Potatoes - French Fingerling

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

This potato is known for its great taste roasted or just sauteed in butter. During the 1800ís the French Fingerling was smuggled into this country in a horse's feedbag. This heirloom variety is very close to it's wild parentage. Order is for 1/2 lb.

Potatoes - Nicola

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

Smooth, thin skins with firm dry flesh this potato provides excellent, flavor and perfect texture for mashed potatoes and potato salads. Order is for approx. 1 lb. of seed potatoes. Available to ship anytime weather conditions are appropriate.

Potatoes - Purple Peruvian Fingerlings

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

Purple all the way through, these small to medium tubers have many eyes and are originally from Peru but grow well in the US. Great fried or in colorful potato salads, these are delicious as well as good for you as they contain high amounts of

Potatoes - Yukon Gold

The Tasteful Garden (1 product)

Smooth, thin yellow skin with pink coloring around shallow eyes and yellow flesh this potato provides excellent, buttery flavor when baked, boiled or made into salads or fries. This best selling early variety is a moderate keeper, and is