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Ranunculus repens


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Ranunculus repens 'Timothy Clark' (d)

Stone House Cottage Nurseries Small general range esp. wall shrubs, climbers & unusual plants.

Bluebird Nursery, Inc. Grasses-Ornamental

Freshwater Farms, Inc. Shrubs

Fritz Creek Gardens Perennials

Gardens of the Blue Ridge, Inc. Ferns

Green Acres Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Ranunculus repens semi-double (d)

Alternative Plants Unusual native plants. Small stocks, spring/autumn supply.

Ranunculus repens var. pleniflorus (d)

Alternative Plants Unusual native plants. Small stocks, spring/autumn supply.

Eastgrove Cottage Garden Nursery Unique cottage garden & arboretum. Many varieties of Viola, Iris, Dianthus & Aquilegia, plus a wide range of old favourites & many unusual plants. Small quantities only.

Farmyard Nurseries Excellent general range esp. Helleborus, Hosta, Tricyrtis & Schizostylis, plus shrubs, trees, climbers, alpines & esp. herbaceous. Nat. Collection of Tricyrtis.

Garden Cottage Nursery A wide range of plants esp. those from the southern hemisphere & plants for bog & coastal gardens.

Lilies Water Gardens Waterlilies, moist perennials, bog-garden plants, primulas, marginal plants. Ferns, alpines & oxygenating plants. Pond, aquatic, water-garden, floating, stream, deep-water & waterfall plants. Rushes & grasses.

Phoenix Perennial Plants Perennials, many uncommon. Achillea, Eryngium, hardy chrysanthemums, Monarda, Phlox, Sanguisorba, Thalictrum, Verbascum, centaureas, bulbs, prairie plants, ūgrasses & late-flowering perennials.

Rotherview Nursery Alpines.

Rowden Gardens Aquatics, damp loving & associated plants incl. rare & unusual varieties. Nat. Collections of Caltha & Water Iris. Some stock available in small quantities only.

Ranunculus repens 'Buttered Popcorn'

Nature Hills Nursery (1 product)

The Buttered Popcorn', Ranunculus repens, is a great ground cover that vigorously spreads to 4'. Its broad finley cut leaves are silvery-green with a variegated chartreuse edge. It has delicate yellow flowers in late spring but is mostly grown for

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