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Sanvitalia procumbens


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Sanvitalia procumbens 'Aztekengold'

Ball Seed Co. Bedding Plants

GeoSeed Inc Seeds-Garden

Germania Seed Company Bedding Plants

Glacial Ridge Growers Prairie Plants

Gloeckner, Fred C., & Company, Inc. Bedding Plants

Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants, Inc. Bedding Plants

Sanvitalia procumbens 'Gold Braid'

GeoSeed Inc Seeds-Garden

Germania Seed Company Bedding Plants

Sanvitalia procumbens 'Golden Aztec'

GroLink Chrysanthemums

Sanvitalia procumbens 'Irish Eyes'

Special Plants Nursery Available as seeds or plants

Myriad tiny yellow-orange daisies with green eyes. One of the longest blooming tender perennials, June-November in my garden. Does not need deadheading. Trails over the edge of a basket or makes low mats in garden. 4”

Sanvitalia procumbens 'Sprite Series'

GeoSeed Inc Seeds-Garden

Germania Seed Company Bedding Plants

Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants, Inc. Bedding Plants

Applewood Seed Co. Prairie Plants

GeoSeed Inc Seeds-Garden

Hudson, J. L., Seedsman Herbs

JFNew & Associates Prairie Plants

Sunmark Seeds International, Inc. Herbs

Van Dyke Zinnias @ Redbud Farms Perennials

Sanvitalia procumbens (Creeping Zinnia) Wildflower Seeds

Everwilde Farms A Native Wildflower Seed Farm (1 product)

These cheery little flowers consist of a deep purple/brown center surrounded by many bright yellow petals...somewhat like miniature sunflowers in appearance! The foliage is creeping and forms a mat with zinnia-like leaves...hence the name!

Sanvitalia procumbens seeds: Irish Eyes

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Masses of trailing, dainty, golden yellow, double and semi double flowers, each complemented by a small green eye. Flowering all summer until early frosts. Excellent in baskets, containers and the Flower Pouchâ„¢.

Sanvitalia procumbens seeds: Orange Sprite

Thompson & Morgan Herbs (1 product)

Despite this genus dating back to the 18th Century, named after Professor Federica Sanvitali, it is seldom seen in summer gardens. Blooming over a long period, 'Orange Sprite' perfect for containers, baskets and our Flower Pouch. Its trailing habit