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Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Vitis 'Autumn Royal'

Orange County Nursery, Inc. Fruit-Trees

Sunridge Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vintage Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vitis 'Autumn Seedless'

Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Vitis 'Auxerrios'

Double A Vineyard Fruit-Small

Vitis 'Baco Noir'

Concord Nurseries, Inc. Fruit-Small

Kraus, V., Nurseries, Ltd. Fruit-Trees

Vitis 'Baco Noir' (O/B)

Agroforestry Research Trust Top & soft fruit, nut trees including Castanea, Corylus, Juglans, Pinus. Also seeds. Some plants in small quantities only.

Deacon's Nursery Over 300 varieties of apple, old & new, pears, plums, gages, damsons, cherries. Modern soft fruit, grapes, hops, nuts & family trees.

Reads Nursery Fruit trees, conservatory plants. Nat. Collections. of Citrus, figs, Vitis.

Sunnybank Vine Nursery (National Vine Collection) Vines. Nat. Collection of Vitis vinifera (hardy, incl. dessert & wine).

Vitis 'Baco'

Double A Vineyard Fruit-Small

Miller, J. E., Nurseries, Inc. Clematis

Vitis 'Barbera'

Double A Vineyard Fruit-Small

Sunridge Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vintage Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vitis 'Bastardo'

Sunridge Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vitis 'Bath'

Weeks Berry Nursery Fruit-Small

Vitis 'Beauty Seedless'

Sunridge Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vitis 'Beta'

Aubin Nurseries, Ltd. Evergreens

Bergeson Nursery Bedding Plants

Bron & Sons Nursery Co. Evergreens

Cross Nurseries, Inc. Evergreens

Double A Vineyard Fruit-Small

Eagle Lake Nurseries Ltd. Evergreens

Fedco Fruit-Small

Glacier Nursery Perennials

Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. Evergreens

Seaway Coldhardy Grapevines & Vineyard Fruit-Small

St. Lawrence Nurseries Fruit-Small

Vanstone Nurseries Fruit-Small

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