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Orange Pippin Trees UK


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Ficus carica

Ficus carica Brown Turkey

Brown Turkey is the most popular fig for the UK climate.


Juglans regia

Juglans regia Broadview

Broadview is the best Walnut variety for the UK climate.

Juglans regia Buccaneer

Another good Walnut variety for the UK climate.

Juglans regia Fernette

A modern French Walnut variety with high-quality nuts.

Juglans regia Franquette

Franquette is a late-season thin-shelled Walnut.

Juglans regia Lara

An early-ripening French Walnut variety.


Malus domestica

Malus domestica Flamenco

The best of the ballerina-style apple trees for eating quality.


Morus nigra

Morus nigra Jerusalem

A traditional Mulberry tree with large black fruit.

Morus nigra King James 1

A traditional English mulberry from the 17th century, also known as Chelsea.

Morus nigra Wellington

A large-fruited Mulberry tree.


Prunus dulcis

Prunus dulcis Ingrid

Ingrid is the best Almond tree for the UK climate, suitable for the warmer and drier areas of the UK.


Pyrus communis

Pyrus communis Humbug

Humbug is an unusual pear variety, the fruits have distinctive green and yellow stripes.


Corylus avellana

Corylus avellana Cosford (1 product)

Cosford is a popular Filbert, with a flavour allegedly superior to other Hazel nuts.

Corylus avellana Ennis (1 product)

Ennis has become one the top commercial hazel varieties, very high yields, and good flavour.

Corylus avellana Gunslebert (1 product)

Gunslebert is a modern hazel variety, an excellent choice for the garden or small orchard.

Corylus avellana Hall's Giant (1 product)

Hall's Giant is noted for its excellent flavour and is a good pollinator for other hazels.

Corylus avellana Lange Tidling Zeller (1 product)

Lange Tidling Zeller is one of the new heavy cropping German hazel varieties.


Cydonia oblonga

Cydonia oblonga Champion (1 product)

Champion is a round / pear-shaped quince, with a yellow-green colour.

Cydonia oblonga Meech's Prolific (1 product)

Meech's Prolific is a popular quince variety from the USA, fragrant fruit and attractive blossom.

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