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Amaranthus 'Autumn Palette'

Arching bronze flower spikes. Long-blooming, good cut flower. Annual, likes sun 36

Amaranthus hypochondriacus

Amaranthus hypochondriacus 'Pygmy Torch'

Worth growing for its name alone! Dark purple leaves, short fat plumes of dusky red flowers. Annual 6""


Ammi majus

Big white cowparsley flowers, fine green foliage. May self sow 30""

Ammi visnaga

4 white platters of giant cow parsley flowers with very fine dill-like leaves. Excellent cut flower, self sows 3-4ft


Amsonia hubrichtii

Pale blue stars early summer. Very very fine leaves turn bright gold in autumn if grown in sun 24 (5 seeds)

Amsonia tabernaemontana

Pale blue stars on graceful stems in early summer. Yellow autumn colour. Likes sun 24 (10 seeds)


Anagallis monellii

Anagallis monellii 'Blue Light'

Brilliant gentian blue with tiny red eye. Trailing, long-blooming, tender perennial often grown as annual. Likes sun, easy 10""


Anemone hupehensis

Anemone hupehensis ssp. hupehensis alba

Most beautiful Japanese Anemone I know, originally wild collected. Pure white very round flower with purple-flushed reverse. Blooms Sept, not invasive 36

Anemone lesseri

Anemone lesseri red form

Small deep red flowers over finely divided foliage. Hardy, sun or light shade. Most will have red flowers 12

Anemone leveillii

Elegant white flowers with blue reverse. Hardy. 18""

Anemone multifida

Anemone multifida 'Major'

Pale buttermilk yellow flowers above neat rounded clump of dark foliage, early blooming hardy herbaceous perennial, sun or shade 12""


Anemonopsis macrophylla

Waxy nodding lilac-white flowers on slender dark stems in spring. Graceful, shade-loving, not too dry or too windy 30


Angelica gigas

Amazing deep purple domed flower heads, statuesque purple stems and leaf sheaths. Architectural biennial 5ft

Angelica sachalinensis

6 wide flat white umbels on tall strong stems, handsome leaves. Hardy, perennial with me 6-8ft

Angelica sylvestris

Angelica sylvestris 'Purple Giant'

Giant form of Angelica sylvestris Purpurea 6-8ft

Angelica sylvestris Purpurea

Dark purple leaves, grey-pink flower heads. Architectural biennial 4ft. Likes sun & rich soil.


Anisodontea deep

Anisodontea deep pink hybrid

Big deep pink flowers all summer. Tender shrub, likes sun 36


Anomotheca laxa

Easy-going iris relative. Sprays of little red flowers. Fans of 5"" leaves. Self sows in sunny well-drained site.


Anthericum liliago

Slender stems of dainty white stars in June. Narrow leaves. Hardy, likes sun and drainage 30 Give cold period.

Anthericum ramosum

Slender stems of white stars in June. Narrow leaves. Hardy, likes sun 30


Anthriscus 'Ravens Wing'

Fine white flowers above lacy dark leaves. Discard green seedlings 30


Anthyllis vulneraria

Anthyllis vulneraria Dark Red

Flat mat of interesting leaves, very dark red clover flowers May July. Hardy herbaceous perennial, easy, likes sun 5""


Antirrhinum 'Black Prince'

Dark leaves and dark red flowers. Easy 18""

Antirrhinum 'Night & Day'

White-throated dark red flowers, dark leaves. Sport of A. 'Black Prince', easy 18""


Aquilegia 'Black Barlow'

Very double purple-black granny's bonnets (like 'Nora Barlow' but all one colour). Seeds true if isolated 24

Aquilegia 'Blue Barlow'

Very double deep blue granny's bonnets (like 'Nora Barlow' but all one colour). Seeds true if isolated 24

Aquilegia 'Magpie'

Black and white granny's bonnets. Seeds true if isolated 30""

Aquilegia 'Munstead White'

Wide-petalled short-spurred white flowers tipped with green. Seeds true 18

Aquilegia 'Red Hobbit'

Large deep red flowers with white corolla on compact plants. Seeds true if isolated 12 (15 seeds)

Aquilegia canadensis

Scarlet and yellow long-spurred granny's bonnets. Seeds true if isolated 20

Aquilegia clematiflora

Aquilegia clematiflora 'Alba'

Large pure white granny's bonnets with no spurs. Flowers look like Clematis. Easy in sun or shade. Seeds true if isolated 30""

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