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Aquilegia skinneri

Aquilegia skinneri 'Tequila Sunrise'

Big swept back coral-red flower with gold corolla. Flowers first year from early sowing 30”

Aquilegia stellata

Aquilegia stellata 'Green Apples'

Pale lime green leaves and flowers. Flowers are very double, fading to apple green, then cream. No spurs. Easy hardy perennial 18""

Aquilegia viridiflora

Fragrant, subtle green and brown flowers, elegant 12” (15 seeds)


Araujia sericifera

Fragrant white flowers trap moths overnight then release them. Tender perennial climber 6ft


Argemone grandiflora

Single white 3” poppies on glaucous prickly leaves. Likes sunny dry site, self sows 30”


Armeria ex

Armeria ex 'Brutus'

Giant flowered white Thrift. Hardy, likes sun and drainage 15""


Aronia melanocarpa

White flowers, edible black berries, good autumn colour, deciduous shrub 6ft


Arthropodium cirratum

Arthropodium cirratum 'Matapouri Bay'

Sprays of nodding white stars on wiry stems above broad evergreen strap-shaped leaves. Sun or shade, wet or dry. Tender, quick & easy from seed 20”


Asclepias tuberosa

Clusters of bright orange flowers in summer, followed by long seedpods. Tuberous, likes sun & drainage, grow in 3"" sand or grit 24”


Asphodeline lutea

Fragrant yellow stars on tall narrow stems above fine blue-grey leaves. Likes sun and drainage 4ft


Asphodelus albus

Narrow leaves on tall stems. White stars with pinky brown veins. Seeds like green, then black, marbles. Likes sun & drainage. Unusual 3ft


Astelia chathamica

Big bold silver foliage, ribbed leaves 3""-4"" across and 36"" long. Borderline hardy, better in light shade (very unusual for a silver-leaved plant) 36"" (10 seeds)


Astrantia 'Gill Richardson'

Large dark red flowers & bracts, purple flushed new growth. Sun or shade 30”

Astrantia major

Astrantia major deep red form

Dark red flowers and bracts. Sun or shade, hardy perennial.

Astrantia maxima

Large pink flowers surrounded by pink bracts. Sun or shade 30""


Athamanta turbith

Finest bright green feathery foliage, topped with dense white umbels on branching stems. Likes sun and drainage 12”


Atriplex hortensis

Atriplex hortensis Rubra

Easy annual, purple leaves and stems. Edible young leaves. Likes sun, not too dry. Sows itself 36”


Baptisia australis

Graceful sprays of dark blue pea flowers over handsome lobed leaves. Large upright black seedpods. Slow-growing but long-lived. Likes sun and drainage 3ft (5 seeds)


Beesia calthifolia

Shiny evergreen round leaves with lighter veins, turning reddish in winter. Tiny white flowers from April-Aug. Shade, humusy soil. Flowers 12”, leaves 6”


Begonia cucullata

Begonia cucullata var. Arenosicola

Pale pink flowers all summer, juicy pale green leaves, likes shade. Supposed to be hardy 36”


Berkheya multijuga

Large golden-yellow daisies above handsome rosette of stiff shiny thistle-like leaves Long-blooming. Needs sun and drainage 30-36” (10 seeds)

Berkheya purpurea

Large grey-purple daisies over rosette of spiny leaves. Fairly hardy, needs sun & drainage 18"" (10 seeds)


Beta 'Bull's Blood'

Stunning ornamental beetroot. Deepest red shining undulating leaves, best late summer and autumn. Delicious when young.


Boltonia asteroides

Upright plants with narrow blue-green leaves and little white daisies in late summer. Good cut flower 6ft


Browallia sp. from Sikkim

Small intense deep purple-blue flowers. Annual, likes sun 24”


Bunium bulbocastanum

Sweet crunchy little tubers good raw or cooked, taste of chestnuts. Fine parsley-like foliage is also edible. Pretty white umbels of flowers 18”


Bupleurum fruticosum

The flower arranger’s favourite. Fast-growing evergreen shrub. Shiny leaves, small yellow flowers. 5-6ft

Bupleurum griffithii

Lime green flowers, green leaves. Excellent cut flower. Hardy annual, self sows gently 15""

Bupleurum longifolium

Subtle shades of purple, brown and gold, like clusters of little Astrantias. Hardy perennial, likes sun & dry. Self sows gently. 20"".


Caesalpinia gilliesii

Showy yellow flowers with long red stamens, fine filigree leaves. Shrub or small tree, flowers young. Borderline hardy, likes sun 5-10ft

Caesalpinia mexicana

Showy yellow flowers, exploding seedpods. Shrub or small tree, flowers young. Borderline hardy, likes sun & drainage 5-10ft

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