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Big Dipper Farm


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Achlys triphylla

Achlys triphylla ssp. triphylla (1 product)

An appealing west coast native, growing in woodland shade. Spring-flowering with bottlebrush-like white flowers but the main interest in this plant are the large, scallop-edged leaves. Although when fresh the leaves are not fragrant, when picked,


Aconitum 'Blue Lagoon' (1 product)

The perfect aconitum for containers, this short, bright blue selection with handsome dark green foliage stands just about a foot tall. Each individual flower is shaped like a little helmet or hood, thus its common name, monkshood. 'Blue Lagoon' is

Aconitum c. 'Bicolor' (1 product)

A beautiful bicolored monkshood with loose panicles of flowers shaped like little helmets or hoods. The hood is pale blue with white streaks and the lower petals are intense blue. They contrast nicely against the deeply cut, glossy, dark green


Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' (1 product)

The striking chartreuse foliage makes this grass groundcover an excellent choice for borders, containers or at the waters edge. It slowly spreads by creeping roots to form a mat of golden foliage. Foliage is sweetly fragrant. Loves constant moisture


Actaea pachypoda (1 product)

Three seasons of interest on this wonderful native American. Fragrant white soft and fluffy flowers over lush green dissected foliage in Spring. In the Summer, these flowers slowly turn into greenish-yellow berries and in Fall they finish out their

Actaea r. 'James Compton' (1 product)

A wonderfully airy, architectural backdrop for the garden, the dark purplish-black foliage will compliment everything around it. Especially attractive when combined with variegated or yellow foliage. In late summer, sweetly fragrant, white flowers

Actaea simplex

Actaea simplex 'Black Negligee' (1 product)

Lacy black foliage is deeply-cut and very dark purplish-black on branched, dark stems. Excellent texture, color and architectural height making this an effective accent throughout the growing season. Strongly fragrant flowers are creamy white and

Actaea simplex 'Brunette' (1 product)

Syn: Cimicifuga This dark-leaved snakeroot is exceptionally garden worthy with purple-brown foliage and intensely fragrant foot-long white bottlebrush flowers. With adequate moisture it will grow well in full sun where it will develop the strongest


Adenophora 'Amethyst' (1 product)

Large, pendulous amethyst-blue bell-shaped flowers on many tall erect stems. A long flowering charmer.

Adenophora lilifolia (1 product)

A profuse bloomer! Flowers are very similar to campanula. The flowers are fragrant and are good for cutting too. Be careful with these in the tended mixed border as they can take over or just naturalize them around shrubs.


Adiantum venustum (1 product)

Elegant, graceful and delicate. Among my most favorite of ferns, this hardy maidenhair is semi-evergreen and must be trimmed back in early spring to let the new growth through. New fronds emerge bright bronze-pink in Spring and mature to a

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