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Big Dipper Farm


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Alcea rosea

Alcea rosea 'Chater's dbl Scarlet' (1 product)

Large, fully double ball-shaped red flowers on tall spikes. 'Chater Series' double flower, wide variety of colors at 6-8 feet tall and acts more like a perennial with individual plants living longer. Wonderful, dramatic and easy to grow. Needs

Alcea rosea 'Chater's dbl Yellow' (1 product)

Large, fully double ball-shaped yellow flowers on tall spikes. 'Chater Series' grow 6-8 feet tall and act more like a perennial with individual plants living longer and repeat blooming is common which is not true of all doubles. Wonderful, dramatic

Alcea rosea 'Nigra' (1 product)

Stunning deep black-red large flowers on tall spikes for the back of the border. Easy to grow, full sun biennial or short-lived perennial. Needs well-drained soil.


Alchemilla alpina (1 product)

Found in Greenland and the Alps this tough, compact little charmer has the same beauty as its bigger relatives. Clusters of small chartreuse flowers keep their beauty all summer. The pale green foliage beads rain and dew like pools of mercury. Stays

Alchemilla erythropoda (1 product)

A dwarf form of A. mollis with interesting foliage and red stems. Eye-catching and unique, the felted foliage is bluish-green and lobed and is topped by frothy balls of green-yellow blooms. By autumn, these turn to a rich flame red, creating an

Alchemilla mollis

Alchemilla mollis 'Auslese' (1 product)

Auslele' means 'Select' Wonderful variety with greenish-yellow veil-like flowers, gray-green pleated foliage. This is a very desirable restrained form of the species. Fast growing and easy.

Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller' (1 product)

Citrus-yellow flowers over a cushion-like bush of rounded, gray-green woolly-textured foliage.


Allium s. 'Glaucum' (1 product)

Attractive foliage has unusual swirling and twisting habit like cowlicks and are bluish-gray. Pink pom-pom flowers hover above on slender stems. This German garlic variety is an ornamental onion is also noted for its compact size.

Allium schoenoprasum (1 product)

Lavender pom-pom flowers above tasty edible leaves. Great addition to the kitchen or herb garden and a cute garden plant as well!


Alyssum sweet

Alyssum sweet Tiny Tim (1 product)

SEEDS - Botanical Interests - Blooms late spring to frost. 4" tall, 6 - 12" wide. Sun to light shade. Tiny Tim IS A MUCH SUPERIOR VARIETY than Carpet of Snow - it is dense, compact never needs to be sheared, and doesn't get "leggy". White


Amaryllis belladonna (1 product)

Given its common name for the gorgeous 4-inch flowers that appear in late summer long after the foliage has disappeared. Also referred to as the Belladonna Lily or the Resurrection Lily. The lovely trumpet shaped blooms vary in colors from pink to

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