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Big Dipper Farm


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Amelanchier alnifolia (1 product)

Known by many names: Shadbush, June Berry, Saskatoon Serviceberry, Western Serviceberry. Also spelled: Amelancier. A very slow-growing, deciduous shrub to 10 feet with edible blue berries that taste like blueberries. A good wildlife plant and an

Amelanchier grandiflora

Amelanchier grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' (1 product)

A highly ornamental, fast growing shrub. 'Autumn Brilliance' features clusters of showy, slightly fragrant, white flowers which appear before the leaves in early spring. The bluish green leaves change to brilliant orange-red in autumn. Flowers give


Ampelopsis b. 'Elegans' (1 product)

Leaves are dark green and heavily mottled with white and pink and grape-like. Inconspicuous, greenish flowers give way to clusters of blue berries in fall which attract birds. Fruit is initially a pale blue which turns turquoise as it ripens. Autumn


Amsonia 'Blue Ice' (1 product)

A more heavily blooming cultivar that's much more compact and produces darker blue flowers over a longer bloom-time. This is an erect, clump-forming plant with clusters of star-like, dark lavender-blue flowers in late spring. Narrow, willow-shaped,

Amsonia hubrechtii (1 product)

Gorgeous steel blue flowers in early summer. Beautiful olive-green threadlike foliage turns a crisp golden color in autumn. A newly popular species with a delicate, airy appearance.

Amsonia illustris (1 product)

A gorgeous 3' native with light blue flowers, thick, leathery foliage with gold fall color. A newly popular species with a delicate, airy appearance.

Amsonia tabernae

Amsonia tabernae montana (1 product)

Starry pale blue flowers May-June on 3' willow-like leaves. Carefree native, with great foliage all season.


Anemone hupehensis

Anemone hupehensis var. japonica 'Pamina' (1 product)

A wonderful, vigorous, compact cultivar. The double 2-3'' flowers of overlapping rose-pink petals and yellow centers rise on long, wiry-but-graceful, branching stems over an attractive foliage mound of trifoliate dark green leaves. Lengthy August to

Anemone hyb. 'Honorine Jobert' (1 product)

This popular and highly sought-after anemone gives a fantastic fall display of pure white flowers held on long, graceful, wiry stems. A vigorous branching perennial with robust foliage of deeply-divided, slightly-bristled, dark-green leaves.

Anemone hyb. 'Queen Charlotte' (1 product)

Large semi-double pink flowers over vigorous, branching, wiry stems of dark green leaves. Charming, outstanding effect when planted en masse.

Anemone sylvestris (1 product)

Pure white fragrant flowers precede interesting woolly fruit. The longest blooming of the anemones. Easy to grow.

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