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Everwilde Farms


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Asclepias viridis

Asclepias viridis (Spider Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

This is another member of the milkweed family that certain butterflies love! It can be found growing in rich or poor soils and blooms off and on over the growing season through the end of summer. The fluff surrounding the seeds is used by


Asparagus seeds

Asparagus seeds - 'Mary Washington' (1 product)

This perennial asparagus is an old favorite U.S. variety used in the truck garden and commercial market. Early, long, straight, dark-green spears with tight purpling tips are noted for uniform size! Delicious!. Cutting season can last up to 60 days.


Aster azureus

Aster azureus (Sky Blue Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Fall is the season to look for these light blue wildflowers. Blanketing a meadow with showy blooms, their sunny yellow centers and arrow shaped leaves set them apart as something special and distinctive. As one of the brightest and showiest of the

Aster dumosus

Aster dumosus (Rice Button Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Highly favored by many, this perennial wildflower is beautiful and distinctive. Soft blue blossoms parasol over the low-growing foliage, gracing the countryside with heavenly colors. Late summer and early fall will be filled with butterflies, bees

Aster ericoides

Aster ericoides (Heath Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Small, daisy-like flowers are borne in profusion on this white aster. A drought tolerant variety, this wildflower is commonly seen in open rocky woods, prairies, and along roads and railroads. Center disks are yellow, and petals usually white, but

Aster furcatus

Aster furcatus (Forked Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Uncommon in nature, this delicate Aster will brighten any landscape with its graceful beauty. Pure white blooms crown dainty foliage from late summer through mid-fall, and the plentiful seeds invite songbirds to feast on their bounty. This

Aster laevis

Aster laevis (Smooth Blue Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Blooming in September through late October, this Aster provides food for butterflies, and showy wildflower blossoms for the garden. It performs well in any sunny, well-drained spot, and naturalizes to create waves of blue wildflowers!

Aster novae-angliae

Aster novae-angliae (New England Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

One of the most beautiful of the large Asters, this showy perennial wildflower brightly displays Autumn's royal colors! Bursting with deep lavender and rose blooms, this fall beauty seems to be the grand finale of the season. An excellent choice

Aster novae-angliae variation (Pink New England Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Commonly known as the 'New England Aster', it's easy to understand why this variety is so popular. This robust, hardy perennial blooms profusely in large rosy-lilac to deep purple flowers with distinct, golden yellow centers. The mounds of

Aster novae-belgii

Aster novae-belgii (New York Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Preferring wet soil, the New-York Aster is commonly found growing in damp meadows and semi-shaded woodlands. With bright yellow centers, these showy purple-pink flowers are a wonderful attraction to bees as well as butterflies, and start blooming

Aster oblongifolius

Aster oblongifolius (Aromatic Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

A beautiful wildflower that produces dazzling violet mounds during the fall months! The name Aromatic Aster comes from the fact that the foliage gives off a balsam-like fragrance when handled. This species love full sun and dry conditions and is a

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