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Everwilde Farms


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Aster ptarmicoides

Aster ptarmicoides (White Upland Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

The White Upland Aster has been classified as an aster for many years...but recently it has been classified as a goldenrod. Indeed, this native wildflower does have aster-like flowers, but the leaves and stem are similar to goldenrod. This plant

Aster puniceus

Aster puniceus (Swamp Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Usually found gracing the wetlands or riverside, this perennial wildflower is an eye-catching beauty! Dark, smooth foliage is usually highlighted by deep purple stems. Birds, bees and butterflies love these blue and white blooms. Hardy and

Aster sagittifolius

Aster sagittifolius (Arrow-leaved Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Arrow-leaved Aster produces delightful clusters of pale blue or lavender flowers with yellow centers! An adaptable plant that grows in sun or shade and does well in savannas, woodlands, and prairies!

Aster sericeus

Aster sericeus (Silky Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

One of the more challenging wildflowers to grow, this perennial is well worth the effort! Pretty purple flowers grace the silky grey-green leaves. Sometimes called the 'Silver Aster', it's fuzzy and somewhat silvery foliage makes this a

Aster spectabilis

Aster spectabilis (Showy Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

This pretty wildflower will bring you flowers in the autumn months! The blooms are violet with yellow centers. This native plant does well in dry, sandy soils, and is found growing in woods, fields, or along roadsides in its native regions.

Aster tanacetifolia

Aster tanacetifolia (Prairie Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Though similar in appearance and name, the ""Tahoka Daisy,"" also called ""Prairie aster"" is not really as aster at all. Ferny foliage supports flowers that bloom in electric blue/purple, overall forming a rather sprawling annual wildflower. Cheery

Aster turbinellus

Aster turbinellus (Turbinate Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

The turbinate aster gets it's name from it's turban or top shaped flower heads. This perennial wildflower blooms lavender to blue-violet, with yellow to reddish purple centers. One of the very last wildflowers to bloom, this aster provides

Aster umbellatus

Aster umbellatus (Flat-topped Aster) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

This is a large, imposing wildflower with soft white blossoms. This Aster will add a unique element to your landscape with its flat-topped clusters. A good choice for attracting pollinators!


Astragalus canadensis

Astragalus canadensis (Canadian Milk Vetch) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

Huge plumes of fern-like foliage win this hardy wildflower a green medal! These tall, bushy plants unfurl their verdant display at summer's beginning, and clusters of cream wildflowers soon appear in the greenery. Fall brings out the brown seed

Astragalus crassicarpus

Astragalus crassicarpus (Ground Plum) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

The Ground Plum, a legume, bears beautiful, bright purple flowers! Young seed pods are edible and the taste is reminiscent of snow peas! Native Americans and pioneers used these seed pods as a vegetable, and they may be eaten raw, cooked, or


Aubrieta deltoidea

Aubrieta deltoidea (Purple Rockcress) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)

The Purple Rockcress forms a beautiful carpet of lush greenery covered with flocks of purple blossoms during the spring months! This plant is native to Europe, but is gardeners world wide have been successful in growing this wildflower. A great

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