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Aeonium 'Kiwi' (1 product)

This succulent forms rosettes of fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves that are brilliantly colored. The leaves in the center are pale yellow and progressively the leaves get greener to the outside of the rosette and have rose-red colored edges.

Aeonium haworthii

Aeonium haworthii "Pinwheel" (1 product)

Thick, fleshy leaves that make rosettes of about 3 inch diameter. In spring, creamy yellow flower spikes emerge from the center of the bright green rosettes.

Aeonium lindleyi (1 product)

Dense plant with hairy leaves, rosettes have yellow flowers.


Alcea rosea (1 product)

These old-fashioned Hollyhocks have single flowers and higher resistance to diseases, such as Hollyhock rust and wilt.


Aquilegia "Barlow Mix" (1 product)

European species with bright lilac, deep burgundy, rich pink, and white double flowers.


Begonia "Metallic Mist" (1 product)

Heavily silvered, maple-like leaves on a ZONE 6 HARDY Begonia. Vigorously grows to form a striking 18inches tall specimen. Pink flowers in late summer extend the show. A breeding breakthrough


Brugmansia "Monkey Shine" (1 product)

2007 Introduction. 'Monkey Shine' will delight you with her colors all season. From a beautiful gold with an orange tint to a very vibrant orange.

Brugmansia "Naughty Nick" (1 product)

An orange double with the look of a ballerina's tutu. I lost the first set of pictures, but believe me, it's a stunner.

Brugmansia "New Orleans Lady" (1 product)

Double orange 2006 introduction. Blooms open a dazzling white and over the next couple of days change through peach to the lovely orange shown in the photo. Incredible Fragrance, like fresh cut lemons!

Brugmansia "PEACH" (1 product)

Flowers open a creamy white and turn a beautiful shade of pale peach as they mature.

Brugmansia "Painted Lady" (1 product)

Painted Lady' is a deep pink/almost red Brugmansia, hybridized by Bonnie Vaughn. Beautiful large blooms that are perfectly shaped and highly fragrant.

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