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Brugmansia "Panhandle Princess" (1 product)

Another lovely introduction from hybridizer Ludger Schneider of Germany. Beautiful and large pink blooms with a distinctive star center.

Brugmansia "Snowbank" (1 product)

Fragrant, peach colored blooms of immense proportions drop from some of the most stunning tri-colored foliage you have ever seen. Prefers semi-shade

Brugmansia "YELLOW" (1 product)

This was our very first plant, it's beauty and fragrance started our passion for Brugmansias. Flowers open a pale yellow and turn golden yellow as they mature.

Brugmansia 'Adeline" (1 product)

One of the nicest double pinks available. It's a Ludger Schneider hybrid. The flowers are large with long tendrils and holds their shape and color for several days. Blooms have close but well seperated skirts giving the flower a inchesfullinches


Canna "City of Portland" (1 product)

Whether you live in Portland, Phoenix or Pensacola, this canna will add a touch of the exotic to your landscaping. A wonderful and beautiful 4 foot tall canna with fuchsia colored flowers

Canna "Cleopatra" (1 product)

Like the famous queen of the Nile, this Cleopatra is flashy and has a mind of her own. Sometimes her big flowers are red with a little yellow, sometimes yellow with red, occasionally the blooms are half and half - whatever her mood dictates.

Canna "Durban" (1 product)

Outrageously colored foliage and vivid mandarin-orange flowers! New foliage emerges with dark red stripes highlighted with pink, bronze, and pale yellow striping and ages to a bronze-green with yellow stripes.

Canna "Orange Beauty" (1 product)

Medium green foliage topped with bright orange flowers; before you know it, your canna lily plants have become the undisputed center of attention in your entire yard.

Canna "Richard Wallace" (1 product)

'Richard Wallace' flowers freely from midsummer till frost, setting the blooms along sturdy stems that make excellent cut flowers. The blooms clear pale yellow color, splashed with tiny red freckles, stands out brilliantly in the garden.

Canna "Striped Beauty" (1 product)

With its showy yellow flowers and and variegated foliage, this Canna is a perfect complement to your finer textured plants.

Canna "Tangelo" (1 product)

A shorter, only 3 to 4 feet tall, canna with large, tangerine colored flowers above rich, green foliage.

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