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Green Thumbs Galore LLC


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Canna "Tropical Sunrise" (1 product)

These large and elegant flowers are pale pink, but, depending on the light, can appear almost white. This lovely soft coloring almost never seems to be the same in any two flowers!

Canna 'Pretoria" (1 product)

Undoubtably the most well-known of the colored leaves cannas and a 'love-it or hate-it' plant. No one can miss the huge, pale green leaves with yellow veins and thin purple ribbon edges.

Canna 'Rose Futurity" (1 product)

Burgundy foliage topped with deep rose-pink flowers and an outstanding self-cleaning habit! Georgeous and won't fade in even the hottest summer sun.

Canna indica (1 product)

The wide-bladed, banana-like foliage unfurls from stems up to 6 feet tall and has a medium to deep green color. Brazenly bright, red blossoms


Carex phyllocephala

Carex phyllocephala "Sparkler" (1 product)

This Japanese import combines beauty and intrigue. Narrow green with white variegated leaves follow the central stem like a spiral staircase. A dramatic plant to combine with ferns or hosta in southern gardens. 'Sparkler' can be used in combination

Cleome (1 product)

Old-fashioned annual, first mentioned in the 1839 edition of The American Flower Garden Directory, this magenta and white form is very hardy and provides much color in the late summer and fall flower bed


Coreopsis "American Dream" (1 product)

Rosy-pink, daisy-like flowers begin their show in midsummer and continue to bloom into fall atop of green fernlike, thin and delicate foliage, mounding habit.

Coreopsis "Big Bang Red Shift" (1 product)

Clump-forming 'Redshift' blooms from midsummer into fall, producing large 2 inch diameter, creamy yellow flowers with a rich red ring around the gold button-like center. In fall, the flowers that open after cool nights range in color from solid red

Coreopsis "Creme Brulee" (1 product)

A more vigorous version of 'Moonbeam' that fills in faster in the spring and has larger flowers that occur all along the stems rather than just above the foliage, giving a fuller overall appearence.

Coreopsis "Limerock Passion" (1 product)

A bright new rosy pink sport of 'Limerock Ruby'. Shines with dark green foliage and an abundance of blooms all summer. Watch butterflies congregate on the yellow centers

Coreopsis "Limerock Ruby" (1 product)

A bright new rosy red. 1 1/2inches single flowers with gold centers cover the finely cut foliage in early summer and throughout the season.

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