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Green Thumbs Galore LLC


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Echinacea "Coral Reef" (1 product)

Coral Reef', a double with dark orange to coral rays and a coral red cone. A feast for the eyes and a must-have new plant for 2009!

Echinacea "Firebird" (1 product)

Bright and bold, Firebird delights with its reflexed petals and dark orange cone.

Echinacea "Flame Thrower" (1 product)

A stunner for the middle or back of the border. Tall and it's Tomato Soup dipped into Tiki Torch.

Echinacea "Green Jewel" (1 product)

Light green ray petals surround the large, green cone of this fragrant coneflower. One of my favorites - flowers last for weeks and hold their color, rarely needed dead heading and never looked 'ratty'!

Echinacea "Harvest Moon" (1 product)

Soft orange petals surround brilliant deep orange cones held upright on sturdy stems. A great color for gardens! Petals fade to creamy yellow and remain attractive with age.

Echinacea "Hot Lava" (1 product)

Add a volcano to your garden! Tall and fiery red flowers that will catch your attention from across the way make 'Hot Lava' an outstanding addition to any garden.

Echinacea "Hot Papaya" (1 product)

This sizzling new variety was developed by master hybridizer Arie Blom of AB Cultivars of The Netherlands who also brought us popular hybrids like ‘Pink Double Delight’ and ‘Meringue’. The glowing orange flowers have terrific visual impact from

Echinacea "Mac and Cheese" (1 product)

Warm, yellow flowers to 5inches wide, up to 3' tall and covered with flowers till frost! Plants are well branched and show excellent vigor

Echinacea "Maui Sunshine" (1 product)

'Maui Sunshine' grows nearly waist high and is loaded with flowers, look at the larger picture: that's a single, first year plant. Just imagine how magnificent this will look in your garden!

Echinacea "Meringue" (1 product)

White ray petals surround a creamy yellow pom-pom with an apple green center. As the flowers age, the pom-pom expands and turns a lighter yellow color. The plants have an upright habit and a height of just 18 to 20 inches, so no staking is required

Echinacea "Merlot" (1 product)

Merlo' is a wonderful introduction with very large (5+ inch) rose pink flowers and beautiful wine red stems. Flowers are produced atop strong, well-branched stems from mid through late summer, needs no staking. Nicely fragrant.

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