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High Country Gardens


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Agastache 'Acapulco Salmon & Pink' (USPP 16,023) (1 product)

A wonderful hybrid introduction to be enjoyed for its mint-scented foliage and profusion of bi-colored orange and pink tubular flowers. A continuous bloomer, ‘Acapulco Salmon & Pink’ is in color all summer. I like to use this

Agastache 'Ava' (1 product)

Of all the hummingbird mints varieties High Country Gardens has released (and they are our specialty), this is our finest introduction. This stately hybrid between Agastache cana and Agastache barberi will be the centerpiece of any planting with its

Agastache 'Blue Fortune' (1 product)

An introduction from Europe, Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is proving to be a robust, nonstop bloomer! The husky 5” long flower spikes are a mesmerizing powder blue. The large green leaves are striking with their silver undersides.

Agastache 'Desert Sunrise'(R) (1 product)

Imagine a clear sky with a line of low clouds on the horizon, tinted shades of orange, pink and lavender by the rising sun and you have the color of ‘Desert Sunrise’® flowers. A hybrid I discovered in my garden a few years back,

Agastache 'Orange Flare' (1 product)

A newly developed hybrid from our High Country Gardens xeric demonstration flower beds, ‘Orange Flare’ is a backcross between Agastache rupestris and Agastache x ‘Desert Sunrise’[R]. The resulting plant has the same highly

Agastache 'Summer Glow' PPAF (1 product)

) A new hybrid cultivar just released for spring ‘09, ‘Summer Glow’ is a uniquely colored, long blooming hummingbird mint that begins flowering in mid-summer with glowing, pale yellow tubular flowers and dark lavender calyces.

Agastache aurantiaca

Agastache aurantiaca 'Shades of Orange' (1 product)

Another High Country Gardens introduction, “Shades of Orange” is a garden-worthy treasure, with its stunning flower spikes full of flowers that vary in color from pale peach to burnt sienna. We have found “Shades of Orange”

Agastache cana (1 product)

Texas Hummingbird Mint is a hands down favorite for everyone who sees it in our garden here. Tubular, raspberry pink flowers are prolific and continue from late summer on through fall. Agastache cana does well in average garden conditions, mixing

Agastache cana 'Rosita' (1 product)

An exciting new form of Agastache cana that appeared as a single outstanding plant in a group of garden plants grown from habitat collected seed. ‘Rosita’ has been the subject of much comment in our Santa Fe display gardens because of

Agastache neomexicana (1 product)

This delightfully different native Agastache, with its tight spikes of small, fragrant lavender-pink flowers and stiff upright stems, is sure to please. Unlike other native Agastache that attract hummingbirds, NM Hummingbird Mint is excellent as a

Agastache rugosum (1 product)

Originally collected in Korea by Heronswood Nursery owner Dan Hinkley, this beauty is proving itself to be an excellent performer in the U.S. The deep violet-blue flowers keep coming all summer when kept deadheaded to prevent seed set. The foliage

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