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High Country Gardens


Plants - 661,234 plants
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Agave utahensis (1 product)

This form has thin green strap-like leaves with tiny tooth-like spines on the margins. Most plants produce numerous “pups” to form clumps of stems up to a foot wide. Seed collected near Peach Springs, AZ. - - - Zones 5-10. 6-8”

Agave utahensis v. kaibabensis (1 product)

This is the giant form of Agave utahensis. Variety ‘kaibabensis’ is a handsome, formidably spined Agave with moderately thin, long, stout gray-green leaves. I’ve found it to be a slow grower, but that’s probably how it

Agave victoria-reginae

Agave victoria-reginae 'Compactum' (1 product)

The choice plant is a compact form of the beautiful Agave victoria-reginae, a native from the mountains of northern Mexico. The wide, thick leaves are toothless and spined only at the tip. The leaf margins are marked with broad white stripes.


Allium 'Millennium' (1 product)

I’m a big fan of ‘Millennium’ because of its vigorous growth habit, handsome, glossy, dark green strap-like foliage and huge display of 2.5" diameter, bright rose-pink flowered globes. (Mature plants can have 40-60 globes at

Allium senescens

Allium senescens 'Blue Twister' (1 product)

A High Country Gardens selection of Allium senescens, this cultivar was selected from a large group of seed-grown plants for its noticeably brighter, blue-green foliage. In the garden, ‘Blue Twister’ is very attractive with its


Aloinopsis spathulata (1 product)

My fascination with the South African succulents continues to grow with each passing year. Aloinopsis spathulata was the first hardy living stone I grew. It remains my favorite. This unique plant slowly grows to form a tight evergreen mat of


Alyssum markgrafi (1 product)

Native to the Balkan Peninsula of eastern Europe, this remarkable Basket Of Gold species is nearly everblooming. It colors the garden with its attractive gray-green foliage and flat headed yellow flower heads from late spring through the end of

Alyssum montanum

Alyssum montanum 'Mountain Gold' (1 product)

This groundcover Basket of Gold species is attractive in the garden both in and out of flower. In early spring, the plant smothers itself with countless bright-yellow flowers. After blooming is finished, shear off the faded flowers just above the


Amelanchier utahensis (1 product)

Enjoy this rarely offered native shrub for its gorgeous fall foliage and deep burgundy-red new bark. Utah Service Berry has a showy spring display of white flowers, followed by summer ripening, purplish berries relished by song birds. The small


Amorpha canescens (1 product)

This stunning legume with its lacy foliage blends beautifully into the prairie grasses of its Great Plains habitat. It becomes very conspicuous in mid-summer, when the bush blooms with numerous thin spikes of orange-eyed violet-blue flowers. Like


Amsonia jonesii (1 product)

Jones’ Bluestar, native to Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, is a beautiful species with an upright vase-shaped form, large clusters of tubular, ivory-colored flowers and finely textured foliage with pleasing yellow fall color. Patience

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