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High Country Gardens


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Anacyclus depressus (1 product)

This little known plant originates in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean, and has shown itself to be an easy-to-grow, cold hardy rock garden plant. Dense 1” tall feathery silver-gray foliage shows off the white daisy flowers in early


Andropogon gerardii

Andropogon gerardii 'Mega Blue' (1 product)

A mature plant of ‘Mega Blue’ in its full early fall glory will stop you in your tracks! A strong, vertically growing cultivar with distinctive gray-blue foliage and tall, bronzy flowering spikes, this is a superb specimen for use in


Antennaria rosulata (1 product)

Like liquid pewter poured over the ground, this beautiful Pussy Toes grows to form a fantastic evergreen silver-gray mat of foliage. It’s also a superb groundcover in your xeric flower beds. The flowers are held just above the foliage and will


Anthemis tinctoria

Anthemis tinctoria 'Susanna Mitchell' (1 product)

‘Susanna’ lights up the garden with a non-stop display of creamy-white daisies most of the summer. A vigorous, easily grown plant, it has finely textured foliage and lax, mounding stems. Best grown in infertile, well-drained soil without


Antirrhinum 'Dulcinea's Heart' (1 product)

Ah, dreaming of the plains of Spain and tilting at windmills, Kelly Grummons, master plantsman and owner of Timberline Gardens in Arvada, CO, developed ‘Dulcinea’s Heart’ by crossing the yellow flowered Spanish species Antirrhinum


Aquilegia caerulea (1 product)

Rocky Mountain Columbine is the state flower of Colorado, and is treasured for its big blue and white flowers. A must for mountain gardeners, this plant is at its best in cool, higher altitude areas of the West. At lower elevations, place in cool

Aquilegia caerulea 'Red Hobbit' (1 product)

A delightful addition to the semi-shade border, Red Hobbit is a dwarf Danish selection with eye-catching red and white flowers. Hybridized from our native Rocky Mt. Columbine, it likes compost-enriched soil with regular irrigation and protection

Aquilegia chrysantha (1 product)

Native to the canyons of the Southwest, this is one of the most widely adapted of all columbines. A vigorous grower, it combines excellent heat tolerance and mildew resistance with a long display of fragrant yellow flowers in late spring. A good

Aquilegia chrysantha v. chaplinei 'Little Treasure' (1 product)

The original seed for this rare native Columbine was collected in south-central New Mexico.’Little Treasure’ is the result of many years of my breeding work with this plant to create a floriferous, uniformly-small-growing plant. With

Aquilegia desertorum (1 product)

Arizona Columbine is a new favorite around the greenhouse, as co-workers and customers alike have been impressed with the profusion of small bright orange-yellow flowers on the plants in the trial garden and seed beds. The amount of orange in the

Aquilegia formosa (1 product)

This high mountain beauty from central Colorado explodes into bloom with hundreds of bright red flowers on loose airy stems. Perfect for planting under aspen. A five star recommendation for all mountain gardeners. Needs a cool shady bed with regular

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