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Matt's Landscape


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Epiphyllum 'Dolly Madison' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DOLLY MADISON' Has an XL bloom in white. Outer petals are light yellow. Ruffled petals with folded

Epiphyllum 'Dolly Paetz' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DOLLY PAETZ' Has a small bloom in lilac with darker midstripe.

Epiphyllum 'Don Juan' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DON JUAN' Has a Large bloom with burnt orange with soft pink throat. Flat sort of branched growth some tall some flat basket. Hybridized by CP 1946. Reg. #07458

Epiphyllum 'Dons Chantilly Lace' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DONS CHANTILLY LACE' Has an XL bloom with pink inner petals and a white to light pink midstripe,pink outer petals,overlapping cup and saucer form, flat basket growth. A good grower and bloomer. Hybridized by Don Burnett. Reg.#

Epiphyllum 'Dons Mini Purple' (1 product)

Epiphyllum hybrid 'DON'S MINI PURPLE' Has a small bloom purple bloom but very profuse,blooms its heart out most of the season and can have a little set back, so i recommend its repotted right after blooming since it blooms so much, nice small flat

Epiphyllum 'Dorado' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DORADO' Has a Large bloom with white and yellow outer petals. Strong grower! Flat basket growth and a good bloomer too! Reg. # 5941

Epiphyllum 'Doris W. Pittman' (1 product)

Epiphyllum hybrid 'DORIS W. PITTMAN' Has a Large bloom with pink and a light pink midstripe, 3rd row of petals have an orange overlay,outer petals are tan over pink,double,overlapping,cup and saucer form, Tall flat growth but adaptable to basket

Epiphyllum 'Dr Rudi Dorsch' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DR. RUDI DORSCH' Has a small to medium bloom with inner petals pink overlaid in creamy-rose. Outer petals yellow- orange. Double bell form. Tall, three-and- four- angled growth. Hybridized by Helmut Paetzold, a cross of ‘Goldi

Epiphyllum 'Dr. John Cox' (1 product)

Epiphyllum hybrid 'DR. JOHN T. COX' Has an Extra Large bloom with purple and a red midstripe and red outer petals,flat basket growth. Medium- Fast grower depending on conditions, great bloomer!

Epiphyllum 'Dr. Werdermann' (1 product)

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'DR. WERDERMANN' Has a Large bloom in carmine-pink with white edges and pale, orange veining. Hybridized by Curt Knebel-KN#9 c.1935 Reg. #05492.

Epiphyllum 'Dracula' (1 product)

Epiphyllum hybrid 'DRACULA' Has a Extra Large bloom with purple and red, outer petals are dark red, flat basket growth, great grower and bloomer. Fast grower depending on conditions.

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