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Matt's Landscape


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Epiphyllum 'Star Quality'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'STAR QUALITY' Has a medium bloom with pale lavender and a dark lavender midstripe. Outer petals red with bright lavender edge. Double, bell shaped, multi petalled. Flat basket growth. Hybridized by Phyllis Flechsig,a cross of

Epiphyllum 'Stauchs Wormatia'

Epiphyllum X Selenicereus Hybrid ‘STAUCH'S WORMATIA' Has a Medium Solid creamy white bloom with a pink hue. Outer petals white with some purple variegation. Stamens yellow, style cream. Loose double, cup and saucer form. Tall flat growth with deep

Epiphyllum 'Texas'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'TEXAS' Has an XL bloom with rusty Dusty rose-orange with dark red throat. Outer petals curly. Opens flat.Hybridized by Cactus Pete's. Reg. #09058

Epiphyllum 'Thunder Cloud'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'THUNDER CLOUD' Has a medium to Large bloom in deep red with dark violet edge. Broad petals. Outer petals scarlet with dark red edge. Opens wide. Hybridized by Dr. Robert Poindexter. Reg. #05752

Epiphyllum 'Timoteo'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'TIMOTEO' Has a Large bloom in two tones scarlet-orange with vermillion throat.Growth is flat basket. Hybridized by Coolidge rare plant nursery. Reg. #09084

Epiphyllum 'Tinseltown'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'TINSELTOWN' Has a medium bloom with inner petals in white and a slight green cast. Outer petals pale yellow with slight rose cast. Single, loose, funnel form with radiating outer petals. Flat and three- angled basket growth.

Epiphyllum 'Unbeatable'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'UNBEATABLE' Has an XL bloom in deep cerise with top half of the edge light lavender. Orange throat. Outer petals deep magenta with deep orange midstripe. Overlapping, double, bowl shape. Flat basket growth. Hybridized/registered

Epiphyllum 'Uncle Slim'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'UNCLE SLIM' Has an Extra Large bloom in orange with magenta mid-stripe. Outer petals red. Overlapping, cup and saucer form. Flat basket growth. Hybridized/registered by HATH(HST), a cross of ‘Winter Flame’ x ‘Fruhling’. Reg.

Epiphyllum 'Violet Rain'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'VIOLET RAIN' Has a Large violet bloom, flat basket growth. UNREGISTERED

Epiphyllum 'What Luck'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'WHAT LUCK' Has a med to Large bloom in persimmon orange, darker at edges. Outer petals rusty orange. Overlapping, wide form. Style and stamens light orange. Small, flat, deeply lobed stems similar to Epiphyllum anguliger.

Epiphyllum 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart'

Epiphyllum Hybrid 'WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART' Has a Large carmine bloom with green throat. Pointed petals. HAAGE#262.


Heliocereus schrankii

Species HELIOCEREUS SCHRANKII Has a small to medium red bloom to orange tinge at tips.Growth is narrow from 1/4" to 1" thich many ribbed with some spines. Basket type growth.Native to Oaxaca-Southern Mexico. The map shows its aproximate range in its

Heliocereus speciosus

Heliocereus speciosus Var Serratus

Species HELIOCEREUS SPECIOSUS VAR. SERRATUS Has a medium bloom in red with a purplish tinge,spiny tube. Growth is also spiny with many ribbed stems and is somewhat upright in form. Native to Mexico. The purplish floral-color in many epiphytic cactus


Hylocereus 'Bruni'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'BRUNI' Is a Hylocereus stenopterus X Hylocereus undatus cross and along with 'CONNIE MAYER' and 'KATHY VON ARUM´ both are sister crosses to this hybrid. All three were created by German Hybridizer Eckhard Meier, a cross of

Hylocereus 'Condor'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'CONDOR' Has a very large sized magenta colored pulp but exterior skin is light green with pink hues and few spines if any, very nice exterior appearance also. Fruits are very large and average 1-1/2 lbs to 2 lbs each. It is also a

Hylocereus 'Country Roads'

Hylocereus Variety 'COUNTRY ROADS' This is a Hylocereus costaricensis clone with straight growth. Night blooming, fruit production variety.

Hylocereus 'Florida Red Sweet'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'FLORIDA RED SWEET' has a medium sized fruit with magenta pulp. Its has excellent flavor and is very sweet.

Currently unavailable still in testing.

Hylocereus 'Frankies Red'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'FRANKIES RED' has a red fruit, self polinating, Hylocereus Polyrhizus cross-thats all i have on this variety for info. right now. Still being tested. Coming soon!

Hylocereus 'G 1 Hylocereus Clone From Guatemala'

Hylocereus Clone 'G 1' Is a clone of a Guatemalan Hylocereus collected by Paul Thomson. G1 has red pulp and is simular in appearance and taste to 'Florida Red Sweet'.

This variety is still under testing and will be coming soon!

Hylocereus 'Giant'

HYLOCEREUS UNDATUS-(Variety)-'GIANT' Is a Hylocereus Undatus selection By Jim Hunter with White flesh, self polinating. Simular to Viet White.

Hylocereus 'Jala'

Dragon Fruit Hybrid 'JALA' Has a red fruit, Not self polinating but could produce tasty fruit or make a good cross.

Hylocereus 'Neon'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'NEON' Has a medium sized red pulp colored fruit and is self polinating. It sets fruit early in the season.

Note: This variety is still under testing so it will be available soon.

Hylocereus 'Nicaraguan Red Dragon Fruit'

Dragon Fruit hybrid-'NICARAGUAN RED' Has red pulp, self polinating. Imported from a large scale Nicaraguan commercial Dragon Fruit plantation.Still under testing-coming soon!

Hylocereus 'Oblong'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'OBLONG' This is a Pitahaya OR (DRAGON FRUIT) hybrid with a large oblong fruit. Growth is simular to Hylocereus Undatus. Nocturnal blooming, fruit producer.

Hylocereus 'Paul Thomsons Number 7'

Hylocereus # 7-Its called number 7 because Paul Thomson only used this number for it as an ID. No more info. on this variety yet. Still under testing but coming soon!

Hylocereus 'Pink Panther'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'PINK PANTHER' Has a medium sized magenta fruit thats jelly like consistancy, its very sweet and is a Hylocereus Polyrhizus cross. All the info. i have right now.Still under testing here but coming soon.

Hylocereus 'Purple Haze'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'PURPLE HAZE' Has a large magenta fleshed fruit with reddish exterior, fruits are large and can be up to 2 lbs. A self polinating variety 'Purple Haze' has a sweet grape/kiwi flavor with few seeds. A high producer it will set fruit

Hylocereus 'Seoul Kitchen'

Hylocereus Hybrid 'SEOUL KITCHEN' Has a medium sized 3/4 pound to 1 pound creamy white fruit the pulp is very smooth textured and sweet. A self polinating variety 'SEOUL KITCHEN' will set fruit on its own without a cross or hand polination but hand

Hylocereus 'Vietnamese Red'

HYLOCEREUS UNDATUS X-' VIETNAMESE RED'- Imported from Vietnam-Is self polinating and is the same variety sold in markets through out Vietnam. Huge red fleshed fruit over 1 lbs to 1-1/2 lbs. Very fertile this variety needs little help in fact you may

Hylocereus 'White Sapphire'

HYLOCEREUS UNDATUS-(Variety)-' WHITE SAPPHIRE' Is a Hylocereus Undatus selection By Jim Hunter with White flesh, self polinating. Simular to Viet White.

Hylocereus minutiflorus

Species HYLOCEREUS MINUTIFLORUS-(syn- (Wilmattea minutiflora).Has small white nocturnal blooms and is very rare.Spiny flowers. Likes heat and does best in zone 10-12, never allow to go to freezing or damage or even total loss can occur. Growth is

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