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Matt's Landscape


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Hylocereus schomburgkii

Species HYLOCEREUS SCHOMBURGKII-This rare climbing species is very freely branching with slightly curving, intense green stems. Occasionally, these stems are blue-green. These branches taper at both ends, and usually have three ribs, although they


Epiphyllum Hybrid 'OLYMPIAD' Has a large Fragrant bloom in pink-rose with Venetian pink midstripe. Outer petals claret rose. Tips curve in.Double bell form. Flat, branched growth. Hybridized by George French, a cross of ‘Flirtation’ x ‘Fair Lassie’.


Opuntia edible

Opuntia edible Variety

Opuntia or commonly called 'Napalea Grande' or 'MEXICAN ASPARAGUS' is great for out of the ordinary stews or salads. Sold as more mature 1 year old stems so you can root them and grow your own, offered as one pad or two. If you want tender new


Pfeiffera paranganiensis

Species PFEIFFERA PARANGANIENSIS resembles Lepismium in growth form with stems narrow 3 angle and flat,basket type growth, blooms in trumpet form are xtra small & creamy white to white in color. Stems have spines which are longer than what might be


Rhipsalidopsis 'Evita'

Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid 'EVITA' Has purple blooms on smaller segmented growth.A profuse bloomer in spring.

Offered as a 6-8" branched cutting. See the Schlumbergera growing page for details.

Rhipsalidopsis 'Pegasus'

Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid 'PEGASUS' Has a purple bloom, profuse bloomer in spring.

Currently offered as a brached cutting see the Schlumbergera growing page for details.

Rhipsalidopsis 'Scorpius'

Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid 'SCORPIUS' Has small lavender blooms. Profuse blooming in spring.

Offered as branched cuttings 6-8"L (See Schlumbergera growing section for details).

Rhipsalidopsis 'Sutters Gold'

Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid 'SUTTER'S GOLD' Has large blooms for a spring cactus in a striking golden Orange-Red, and a few streaks of red. Growth is fairly compact. Spring cactus bloom at spring time April to June in the U.S. and at other months oposite

Rhipsalidopsis 'Thor Anet'

Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid 'THOR ANET' has abundant dark red blooms on vigorus growth. A spring cactus this variety blooms in spring time. Currently offered as a multi branched cutting see the Schlumbergera growing section for more details.Imported from

Rhipsalidopsis 'Thor Siff'

Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid 'THOR SIFF' Has small profuse pink blooms in spring time. Imported from Europe.

Offered as a 6 to 8" multi-branched cutting (see the Schlumbergera growing page for details)


Schlumbergera 'Harmony'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'HARMONY' Has a red-dark orange bloom, lighter midstripe and close to base, red pistol and hot pink stamen, pure white style and white to light cream anthers. Profuse bloomer Thanksgiving up to Christmas.

Schlumbergera 'Kris Kringle'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'KRIS KRINGLE' Has a red bloom with lighter midstripe. Combact more up right growth. A vigourous grower and profuse bloomer. Buds are red/purple in color.

Offered as a 6-8" branched cutting, see the Schlumbergera

Schlumbergera 'Lavender Doll'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'LAVENDER DOLL' Has a Lavender bloom that are larger than most varieties. Lighter towards throat to almost white. A vigourous grower and profuse bloomer, basket type growth. Buds are lavender in color.

Schlumbergera 'Limelight Dancer'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'LIMELIGHT DANCER' Has a light yellow inner petals to white, outer petals are darker depending on temperature during budding.NOTE:(Cooler temps will bring darker colors). Buds are almost always light yellow to white in color.

Schlumbergera 'Red Radiance'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'RED RADIANCE' Has a red/pink bloom on strong growth somewhat upright growth.Introduced/hybridized by Cobia.

Schlumbergera 'Sanabel'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'SANABEL' Has a Larger Salmon bloom. Hybridized by Cobia. Upright growth form. Will be offered as a 6 to 8" branched cutting. Coming in spring 2011

Schlumbergera 'Sunburst'

Schlumbergera Hybrid 'SUNBURST' Has a orange/reddish bloom, a new hybrid from the Cobias. Coming in spring 2011.


Selenicereus vagans

Species SELENICEREUS VAGANS Has a medium to large nocturnal white bloom.Growth is many ribbed with small spines almost rope like 1/2" to 3/4" diameter, best grown in hanging basket form. First Discovered/documented in 1904. Native to Mexico.


Trichocereus 'Buena Vista Hybrid'

Trichocereus Hybrid 'BUENA VISTA' More info. coming soon

Trichocereus 'Chameleon'

Trichocereus Hybrid 'CHAMELEON' Has a large bloom. The name of this Trichocereus hybrid derives from the fact that the flowers change color on the second day. They are a soft pastel red/orange-pink on the first day while on the second day the bloom

Trichocereus 'Delrue'

Trichocereus Hybrid 'DELRUE' Has a large bloom in white with a light pink overlay on inner petals, outer petals a shade darker pink. Back petals have a dark pink midstripe. Said to be a very fragrant bloom but still testing coming soon!

Trichocereus 'Dicke Bertha'

Trichocereus Hybrid 'DICKE BERTHA' Has a large bloom and is a 'Flying Saucer' cross. Imported from Germany. Picture coming soon.

Trichocereus 'Gräsers Freude'

Trichocereus Hybrid 'GRASERS FREUDE' Has a large bloom with several rows of petals with inner petals a bright magenta, vermillion midstripe, the outer petals are dark scarlet. Throat and filaments are red, anthers are clear pastel, stigma is white.

Trichocereus 'Pisac Hybrid'

Trichocereus Hybrid 'PISAC' Has a large rose/pink bloom on tall columar growth with many spines.

Trichocereus 'Yellow California Hybrid'

Trichocereus Hybrid YELLOW CALIFORNIA' Has a 6" diameter bloom in yellow. Columar growth to 6 inch diameter. Hybridized by Hans Britch. Very hard one to find.

Trichocereus terscheckii

Species TRICHOCEREUS TERSHECKII Also called or Syn.-(ECHINOPSIS TRICHOCEREUS) The largest of the Echinopsis family this species is native to Argentina and can grow huge! Simular in growth to Saguaro cactus with large upcurving arms. Grows 14' + and


Weberocereus bradei

Species WEBEROCEREUS BRADEI Has flat stems with small hair like spines, flat basket growth. The blooms are small and white,Flowers 5.5-7 cm long, 3.5 cm wide, nocturnal blooming. Native to Costa Rica. First descoved/published in 1913. Offered as

Weberocereus frohningiorum

Species WEBEROCEREUS FROHNINGIORUM has a small pink bloom on 3 ribbed growth with many fine hairlike spines. Native of Costa Rica.Offered as cuttings. Weberocereus in general are Shrubby, epiphytic or epilithic. Stems terete, angled or flattened.

Weberocereus imitans

Species WEBEROCEREUS IMITANS A rarely found variety with a small white bloom,nocturnal, odd-smelling, bat-pollinated flowers. W. imitans (Kimn. & Hutch.) Buxb. 1956. syn.-(Werckleocereus iitans, Eccremocactus imitans, Cryptocereus imitans).

'Hylocereus polyrhizus (1 product)

HYLOCEREUS POLYRHIZUS- Is a Hylocereus species it has a huge extra large nocturnal blooms 14" in diameter, it also produces fruit although depending on your polinator the tastes and textures can vary (The fruit shown is a cross of H.POLYRHIZUS X RED

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