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Matt's Landscape


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Aporophyllum 'Goldie Paetz' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'GOLDIE PAETZ' Has a small bloom with bright orange with reddish edge, rope like basket growth. Hybridized by Helmut Paetzold. Imported from Germany.

Aporophyllum 'Heliocereus Aurantiacus' (1 product)

Species HELIOCEREUS AURANTIACUS SYN.-DISOCACTUS AURANTIACUS Has a XS orange bloom and is native to Nicaragua and Honduras. Stems ascending at first, soon pendent, 2-5 angled,almost rope like narrow growth when young, margins serrate, spines

Aporophyllum 'Helmi Paetz' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'HELMI PAETZ' Has a Small bloom in bright rose pink with a darker throat. Outer petals pink. Loose, double, funnel shape with saucer. 5-ribbed medium narrow basket basket growth.

Aporophyllum 'Karen' (1 product)

Aporophyllum 'KAREN' Has a Xtrs small to small bloom with light rose-pink bloom, apricot overlay and slight touch of cerise on edge of petals,several rows of petals,double funnel form. Growth is rope like with many fine hair like spines and

Aporophyllum 'Knebelii' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'KNEBELII' has a small 2" diameter bloom with soft rose colored blooms on flat basket narrow rope like growth. Imported from Germany.

Aporophyllum 'Moonlight' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'MOONLIGHT' Has a 3 to 4" diameter creamy white-with light peach overlay bloom several overlapping rows of petals. Vigorous many sided narrow basket growth. Easy to grow!

Aporophyllum 'Nelly Paetz' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'NELLY PAETZ' Has a small bloom with inner petals pinkish white.

Aporophyllum 'Neue Petersen Hybride' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'NEUE PETERSEN HYBRID' Has a Extra-small golden-orange bloom on 3-4 angled narrow basket growth. Fast grower! (Not sure what the cross was on this one as i have little info. but the growth resembles a cross of typical

Aporophyllum 'Oakleigh Conquest' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid ‘OAKLEIGH CONQUEST' Has a Medium bloom in orange-red with purple. Funnel form. Long many ribbed growth, some small hair like spines, basket type growth. WCL(OAK), a cross of ‘Dante’ x Disocactus flagelliformis.

Aporophyllum 'Orange Queen' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'ORANGE QUEEN' Has a small bloom in light orange. narrow funnel form. Narrow many sided almost rope like basket growth. Imported from England-Abbey Brooks Nursery.

Aporophyllum 'Peggys Cartwheel' (1 product)

Aporophyllum Hybrid 'PEGGY'S CARTWHEEL' has a big bloom for an Aporophyllum 6" diameter, bloom is dark orange with narrow and crinkled petals, raspberry-purple at base of the throat. Growth is many sided, narrow and has some small hair like spines.

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