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The Tasteful Garden


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Aloe vera (1 product)

Aloe Vera Plant comes in a large gallon sized container and is great for growing outdoors during the warm season or indoors.


Anaheim pepper (1 product)

These are also known as the &quotNew Mexico&quot chile. They have enough heat for medium salsa but will not burn. Deep green, 7&quot long fruits are long and slender as they ripen to bright red. Great for drying and making Chili Ristras. Mildest of


Arkansas traveler (1 product)

Also known as &quotTraveler&quot this Southern Heirloom variety is known for producing well in hot weather. Beautiful dark Pink tomatoes are 6-8 oz. and very flavorful and sweet. They are always a reliable producer of large bountiful crops even

Artichokes (1 product)

Imperial Star variety of large, round-headed artichokes, tender and tasty, perfect for warm season areas, or grow with shelter. If you have at least 100 frost-free days in your area which most of the country does, you can grow them! Keep in mind

Arugula (1 product)

Easy to grow but prefers cooler temperatures. Similar to lettuce it will grow quickly and leaves should be picked early for the most tender flavor.


Asparagus crowns (1 product)

These beautiful asparagus crowns are the best producing asparagus for backyard growing that we could find. Large stalks with sweet flavor. Asparagus plants are perennial and can continue to produce for up to 20 years! Best planted in the fall or


Basil - African Blue (1 product)

This long lived basil will get up to 4 feet high and across. It has lovely pink flowers and a deep musky clove flavor. The leaves are green on top, purple underneath. More ornamental than culinary, this plant has a great scent, is easy to grow and

Basil - Cuban (1 product)

Tender perennial Basil with a nice spicy fragrance similar to spicy greek basil that grows large, about 15&quot high and 2 feet around. Very easy to grow and absolutely delicious. Try it in Salsas!

Basil - Lemon (1 product)

Bright citrus flavor and a long lasting basil plant. Flowers profusely to attract bees to the garden but cut the flowers back for more leaf production. Great flavor for salad dressings, marinades and even cookies! Our variety name is Sweet Dani.

Basil - Lime (1 product)

This is a delicious citrus flavored basil which is great for fish. It has a great lime scent and flavor which is not too overpowering for mild dishes.

Basil - Mammoth (1 product)

Stronger, fuller flavor than sweet basil. Huge leaves grow as big as your hand and plants have a shorter growth habit. Great for pots and growing indoors.

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