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The Tasteful Garden


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Basil - Purple Ruffles (1 product)

This is the most complex flavored Basil with a combination of Sweet Basil, anise and Cinnamon but it never is overpowering. Gorgeous color and the jagged edges are beautiful but the flavor is the real standout with this basil that likes a little

Basil - Red Rubin (1 product)

Beautiful Red leaf basil grows and tastes like Sweet Italian but has purplish red leaves. It is also known as Opal basil. Great to add color to salads or vinegars

Basil - Siam Queen (1 product)

This is a strong vigorous plant with a intense licorice-basil flavor. Great for Asian cooking of all kinds and compliments Lemongrass and curries.

Basil - Sweet Genovese (1 product)

Sweet full flavor, with up to 2&quot leaves. Italian variety for pesto and all types of cooking. Sweet Genovese is the best flavored sweet basil from the Genoa region of Italy. So fragrant, it reminds you of summer! Tender Annual


Bay laurel (1 product)

These are starts for Bay Laurel trees which eventually grow up to 15 feet high. &quotLauris Nobilis&quot can be grown outdoors on a patio or deck in a large container. Hardy outdoors only to 25 degrees when young (for the first 4-5 years), Bay


Beans - Edamame soybean (1 product)

Delicious and healthy soybeans are boiled and salted to eat fresh as a snack before a Japanese meal. Easy to grow bush type beans. 2-3 plants per pot

Beans - French filet Green Bush (1 product)

French filet beans are very thin, tender and smaller than regular green beans. They grow as bush type plants instead of climbing vines. They are delicious,sweet & tender beans. 3-4 plants in each pot.

Beans - Green Pole (1 product)

Plant these beans on a trellis or stake or form a teepee out of bamboo poles and let them climb. Delicious stringless beans grow fast and are prolific. They should be picked young at around 8-10&quot long. 3-4 plants in each pot.


Beauty heirloom (1 product)

Fantastic Heirloom variety on a highly productive plant. Fruits are about 14 oz. with a slightly flattened shape. They are quite juicy, with a sweetness that is well balanced with acid for a full tomato flavor. Easy to grow lots of fruit. 78 days.


Bella rosa (1 product)

This is a brand new hybrid variety that will produce nice tasty fruit with lots of disease resistance. This is a large, round tomato with smooth shoulders that has proven to grow well in the Southeast. It is both heat tolerant and resistant to


Better boy (1 product)

One of the most commonly grown backyard tomatoes and a favorite of almost everybody, this sturdy plant is resistant to most diseases. 12 oz. fruits are bright red, delicious and extremely easy to grow. 75 days

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