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The Tasteful Garden


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Big raspberry (1 product)

This heirloom tomato like many others is named for a fruit but this one deserves the reference because it is really sweet and fruity flavored. These meaty sweet tomatoes become 6 to 10 ozs. and really load up on vigorous potato-leaf plants. The rosy


Black brandywine (1 product)

Black version of Brandywine this one is an excellent combination of sweetness and the acidity of the darker colored tomatoes. We love that strong tomato flavor and one slice will almost cover a whole sandwich. 12-16 oz. fruits bear on large vines

Black cherry (1 product)

A cherry tomato with the flavor of the rich, dark, black tomatoes. These are a round true cherry about 1 1/2&quot diameter and they make great garden snacks. One of our favorite tomatoes these large bushy plants grow up to 8' tall. Very easy to

Black krim (1 product)

This Heirloom is a dark brownish-red colored tomato with a rich, sweet flavor. Large size fruit sets well in hot weather. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that this is a favorite among many of our customers. This heavy producer is an

Black zebra (1 product)

Beautiful 1 1/2&quot diameter dark black 3-4 oz. fruits with green stripes give this tomato a full, complex flavor. This is a natural and stabilized cross between a black tomato and Green Zebra, and its size and shape are like Green Zebra but the


Blackberries everbearing (1 product)

This new type of Everbearing Blackberry allows berry production in regions where most other varieties are not hardy. This variety &quotPrime Jan&quot will fruit on one-year wood in late August and September. These berries have a more upright growth

Blackberries thornless (1 product)

These Blackberries are vigorous thornless blackberry varieties with large delicious fruit . The fruit is firm, with an excellent sweet flavor. Height: 4 -6 feet Spacing: 3 ft Sun/Shade: Full/part Sun Pollinator: Self-pollinating Apache berries are

Blackberries thorny (1 product)

Kiowa Blackberries are a vigorous thorny blackberry with the largest fruit of any blackberry on the market today. The fruit is firm, with an excellent flavor. Growing in 1 gallon containers.


Box car

Box car Willie (1 product)

This old prolific heirloom variety is the best producer of red, smooth 10-16 oz. fruits. Don't be thrown by the name because you won't believe the incredible taste. Old fashioned, acidic flavor with high yields for an heirloom tomato makes this a

Brandywine (1 product)

This is the most well known Heirloom variety for good reason. It has huge fruit with incredibly sweet flavor. It originates from the Amish in the late 1800's. It is always a staple in our garden because it is so reliable. Starts out pinkish and

Broccoli (1 product)

This early Arcadia variety has beautiful dark green heads and also produces additional side shoots after the tops are harvested. Large plants with full sized heads. Great flavor when you grow your own! 2-3 plants in each pot. Note-This plant is not

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