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The Tasteful Garden


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Carbon (1 product)

Dark Black Heirloom with a full, earthy, smoky flavor that rivals Black Brandywine and other black tomatoes for quality but is shaped nice and round without much stem end gouging and cracking and has a perfect texture. We have grown this tomato in

Carmello (1 product)

French variety of 8-12 oz. 4-5 inch round red tomatoes. Hybrid tomato with great flavor it is the number one market tomato in Europe. Good sugar/acid balance, crack resistant skin and easy to grow. Hard to find tomato! VFN & TMV resistant this


Carmen pepper (1 product)

Beautiful Red colored pepper grows to about 6&quot long. These are wonderful sweet peppers great for stuffing, roasting or grilling and they are tasty in salads too! 75 days

Ceylon (1 product)

Absolutely as beautiful as they are tasty these small, ruffled red fruits are so full of flavor. Their taste is rich and assertive, slightly sweet with a bit of zing added in. Only about 2 inches across, these little scalloped tomatoes will be


Cherokee purple (1 product)

The best tomato we have ever tasted! This tomato will convince you to grow Heirloom varieties. They are from the Tennessee Cherokee Indians, discovered over 100 years ago and have a thin skin and soft texture. When fully ripened they have dark


Chili de

Chili de Arbol (1 product)

Chiles de arbol are narrow, curved chiles that start out green and mature to bright red. The arbol chile is related to the cayenne pepper. Arbol chiles are also the ones that are dried after turning red to be used in holiday wreaths and Chili

Chives (1 product)

This herb grows like a clump of grass and has a mild onion flavor and pink flowers. Fantastic flavor for salads, baked potatoes or just toss into a green salad. Easiest herb to grow indoors or out. Perennial in our large 4 1/2&quot pots

Chives - Garlic (1 product)

Flat strap-like leaves and a sharp garlic flavor makes these chives perfect for bolder flavor. A larger plant than common chives with white flowers that are a wonderful addition to the herb garden. Perennial in our large 4 1/2&quot pot


Chocolate stripes (1 product)

Dark red, almost brown color with striking green-gold stripes, this Chocolate Stripes Heirloom tomato is robust in flavor, with sweet notes and complex undertones. The whole tomato is a beauty too--a medium-large globe that is a dark, chocolaty red

Cilantro (1 product)

Spicy Cilantro leaves are wonderful for Thai, Mexican and Curry dishes. Pick the leaves as it grows. Very short lived annual plant. NOTE this plant is only able to ship during springtime because of the possibility of heat damage in transit. In our

Dill (1 product)

This herb is wonderful with Salmon or in cucumber salads as well as pickling. Great variety for pots. Annual herb that prefers to get established in cooler temperatures so it should be planted early or late in the growing season. Grows great in a

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