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The Tasteful Garden


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Early girl (1 product)

This is the first full sized tomato to ripen in summer. The 6 oz fruits are delicious, red and juicy, and the vines are disease resistant and very easy to grow. Good for short season areas or high elevations or even as a spring and fall tomato. An


Eggplant - Italian (1 product)

An Italian variety of large, beautiful, dark purple fruit. Prolific plants, delicious for Eggplant Parmigiano

Eggplant - Japanese (1 product)

These plants load up with the prettiest purple flowers and have slender 7-9&quot dark colored fruits with a mild tender flesh.


Eggplant-rosa bianca (1 product)

Rosa Bianca means White, with Rose or pink, roughly translated. These are Italian heirloom eggplants which are beautiful in the garden and in the kitchen. The color varies from a pale lavender color to a dark purple streaking.

Fireworks (1 product)

Fireworks is one of the largest, earliest red slicing tomatoes available with excellent flavor. Easy to grow, it's bright red fruits are 10-12 ozs. and round. Indeterminate. 60 days

Flamme' (1 product)

Also known as Jaune Flamme' this sweet little tomato packs a punch of flavor. Bright orange and only 1-2 oz. (about the size of a large golf ball) they are larger than a cherry but just as prolific and sweet like Sun Gold. Easy to grow


Florence fennel (1 product)

This is the Italian bulbing Finocchio Fennel which tastes slightly anise and makes a beautiful bulb delicious in salads. Fennel is a long season plant but can be harvested early for &quotbaby&quot fennel bulbs which are wonderful and prized by chefs


French sorrel (1 product)

Green Apple and Lemon flavored green perennial herb used as a tangy salad green. It grows as a clump reaching 1 1/2' tall with leaves 2&quot across. It is a very hardy plant that will continue to flourish when the rest of your fresh garden greens


German giant (1 product)

An old family heirloom variety with huge deep pink fruits that are just like you remember as that old fashioned flavor. Larger and more plentiful than Brandywine they are also smooth in shape and grow to over 2 lbs. Only 77 days make this one of the


Grandfather ashlock (1 product)

Three Ashlock brothers served George Washington during the Revolutionary War and this tomato is a family heirloom of Carl Ashlock developed by his grandfather in Eastern Kentucky in the 1920's. These rare heirloom beefsteak fruit are full of flavor

Grape (1 product)

This is the grape tomato that has become so popular in grocery stores and farmer's markets. The flavor is concentrated and packs a punch. Lots of fruit that hang like grapes on large plants. Heat tolerant and easy to grow. Very early fruit. 55 days

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