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The Tasteful Garden


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Grapes seedless

Grapes seedless Thompson White (1 product)

Thompson Seedless grape is a medium sized greenish-white to golden, seedless table and wine grape. Very sweet fruit will produce well over the season. Requires cane pruning and ripens in early August.


Green giant (1 product)

The tomatoes are big, flavorful and ripen to a beautiful golden green color when fully mature. Excellent spicy, tangy flavor that you will not believe, but still sweet too. This slicing tomato is perfect for sandwiches, slicing into salads, and it

Green grape (1 product)

This is a spicier, tangy twist on the Grape tomato that has been around since about 1986. A cross between the Yellow Pear and Evergreen tomatoes, the flavor has a nice sweetness balanced by bright acidity, and it's deliciously juicy. It grows all

Green zebra (1 product)

One of our most popular tomatoes for its spectacular flavor. These beautiful small fruit start green with dark stripes and ripen to a yellow color keeping the green stripes. The amazing sweet and tart flavor makes this one great in Salsas and


Heirloom tomato

Heirloom tomato Plant Combo (1 product)

Let us choose from our incredible stock of Heirloom tomato plants and save! Includes 6 Heirloom, Open-pollinated tomato plants of our choice from our huge selection all in large 4 1/2&quot pots. Order this combo and save 10%! Note, we do not


Horseradish plants (1 product)

Easy to grow and harvest. Beautiful perennial plants spread quickly and can grow out of control! Dig up and harvest roots at the end of the growing season leaving side roots for next years growing. Likes moist partly shady conditions, allow about 4


Italian bell

Italian bell Red - Quadrato Rosso (1 product)

Quadrato D'Asti Rosso, or our Italian Red Bell Pepper. Beautiful huge, blocky, sweet bell pepper that grows 5&quot long and ripens to bright red. Thick walls make these great for salads, stuffing or roasting. Fantastic flavor and quality

Italian bell Yellow - Quadrato Giallo (1 product)

Quadrato D'Asti Giallo is the Italian name for our gorgeous huge pepper that ripens to golden yellow. Fruit grows to about 5&quot long and 4&quot wide. Nice thick walls and sweet flavor.

Italian sweet

Italian sweet Beefsteak (1 product)

Huge, luscious red beefsteak tomatoes on tall plants can grow up to 2 lb fruits although most are about 1 lb. Potato leaf heirloom plants produce tomatoes with excellent sweet, juicy Italian flavor. This tomato stands out as exceptional for flavor

Jalapeno (1 product)

Hot but not too hot, these peppers start green and get milder and bright red as they ripen. Perfect for salsa and nachos, easy to grow and productive all summer long. These are great for salsas or pickles. Scoville units are 2,500-5,000 which is


Jimmy nardello

Jimmy nardello Sweet Pepper (1 product)

This Italian red colored sweet peppers grow to about 8&quot long and are perfect for chopping into salads or frying with potatoes. These are nicely flavored and very prolific sweet peppers which grow well in any garden. 75 days

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